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Ref - Azrael by Absolute-Sero Ref - Azrael by Absolute-Sero

Yeap, I think we'll be seeing Azrael in the League.. just not as a registered member. He'll leave Kira to take challenges and kick some ass in his stead. XD

For his background, Azrael isn't a very unusual kitsune. His family on both sides is considerably well-respected, so much is expected of him and his brothers. There was a bit of pressure for him to settle down, but though he took it into consideration, he resisted it at the same time.  Some time ago he asked Kira out, but when she turned him down he accepted it and settled on being a platonic friend of hers. He doesn't appear to be focused on Kira, as he inquired with other female kitsunes after her rejection. Despite that he has interest in women, I don't think he has any qualms with men either. Just hasn't gone there at this point. XD  He and Kira have known each other side they were kids, and he's still loyal to her in the same way he's loyal to any of his clan-mates. They don't quite have a relationship like siblings, although occasionally Azrael may tease her as a sibling would. He still considers Kira attractive (not unlike a number of kitsune males) and would quickly consider her if she changed her mind about him.

Unlike Kira, Azrael's a bit wary of humans. It may not show in everyday conversation, but it may take longer to earn a deep trust with him.. there will be some caution in fighting alongside human friends, just so that he can be mindful he won't be stabbed in the back.
He also isn't all that keen on spending time around Lilac. Kira standing up for her gives him confidence to be around her, but he would prefer not to be around Lilac (and her shadowcasting) if possible.

I'll update with more information here if I think of it. Too tired to process everything right now.
Azrael -- myself (Absolute-Sero)
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April 16, 2015
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