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Note that brackets would be whispers/muttering. Okay? Okay. :D –Sero (aka genji-rose, your author/creator and in this case, mediator)

1.) What's your name(s)?
Mika: Mika Ruryoshi and Jennifer Takata.
Jenny: Mika, I'm right here, I can speak for myself.
Mika: *grin* You're too slow. ♥

2.) Do you know why you were named that?
Jenny: *eyes avert in thought* I believe my parents named me that. But I don't know why. They died when I was very little.. *trails off*

Mika:  I chose my name. *shrug* I did base the last name off of a family I once happened upon.

3.) Are you single or taken?
Jenny: Single. I've already got enough to do without dating. *glances sidelong at Mika*
Mika: *pretends to pout* People don't tend to.. ah, appreciate my magic very much, so I'm single for now.

4.)Have any abilities or powers?
Mika: Do we need to go into this?
Jenny: …I doubt it, most reading this likely already know we're masters in magic..

5.) Stop being a Mary-Sue >.>
Jenny: "Mary-Sue" my foot. *eye roll*

Mika: I know where you live.

6.) Uh... if you were to get in a fight with a strong wrestler, do you think you'd win?
Mika: Depends if I had to play fair or not. Though either way, he'd lose.
Jenny: Why exactly would I get into a fight in the first place?
Mika:  You say that because without your magic, you'd probably lose.
Jenny: My odds couldn't be worse than yours if it came down to that, so shush.

7.) Riiiight... Have any family members?
Mika: Nada.
Jenny: *small smile* No blood relatives. ..But a couple of people at our institute are like family to me.

Mika:  (Keep on thinking that..)

8.)Oh? How about pets?
Jenny: Not enough time to look after them. And.. animals tend to be afraid of us.
Mika: You mean me.
Jenny: …Yes, I do. ._.

9.)Cool, I guess. Tell me something that you don't like.
Jenny: Torture – that might seem like a broad thing to say, but keep in mind, it's legal as an interrogation method or punishment in some countries of our world.

Mika: Why the hell would I tell you, a stranger, which buttons to push?
Jenny: He hates a certain religion in our world. I don't know why..
Mika: *glares at Jenny* Sometimes I don't like you either.
Jenny: *smirks at Mika* Feeling's mutual. Sometimes.
Mika: *smirks back at her* I dislike your boy, too.
Jenny: Mika, leave Blair alone.
Mika: Sweetheart, he starts it.
Jenny: I doubt that-

Sero: AHEM. Flirt later, you two, there are lots of questions here!

10.) Something that you do like?
Jenny: That's a broad question.. the ocean, I suppose?
Mika:  I'll go with ocean too – how much is this question worth? 500?
Jenny: What..? o_O
Mika: Have you watched any TV in your lifetime, Jen?

11.) Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?
Mika:  Watch bar brawls. They're hilarious.
Jenny: *sigh* You mean start them.
Mika: *grin* I do no such thing.
Jenny: *stares at Mika* (Lies..) *looks away* Working with magic – you can call it cliché, but there's so much we could do with the new discoveries we're on the brink of.
Mika: Pfft.  When I've got the chance, dressing up and going out can be fun too, if my reputation doesn't precede me too much.
Jenny: … Spending time with Blair, too. (And occasionally Mika.)
Mika: Don't act like you hate me so much.

12.)Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before?
Mika: Oh never. *complete sarcasm/lie*
Jenny: Of course we both have, unfortunately. In our line of work, we defend our students, our school, and keep as much peace as we can. It comes down to either hurt or be hurt. We try to avoid it if we can.

13.)Ever... killed anyone before?
Mika:  Well yes. Duh. And so has she. *motions to Jenny with a smirk*
Jenny: *gives Mika a hard look before averting her eyes* Same reasons as above – defense of others or myself, but only if there is no other way to end the conflict.

14.)What kind of animal are you?
*Jenny and Mika both look at each other*
Mika: Nothing you'd know.  People call me catty, though. Close enough. *grin*
Jenny: Err.. if it's what animal am I like, I suppose..a hawk, perhaps? It's not something I've thought about.

15.)Name your worst habits.
Mika:  Jen's are not eating, given she's a bloody stick already. *pinches Jenny's cheek as he says this* And never giving herself any time off.
Jenny: *brushes Mika's hand away* And his all revolve around being an ass in general. I'd need a list to get to them all.
Mika:  Ooh, dole it out, darling. I'm so hurt you'd call me names.

16.)Do you look up to anyone at all?
Mika: Hah! Apart from the gods that put us here, no. Why should I? *cocky smirk*
Jenny: *stares at Mika before continuing* My master. I wish I knew what she did.

17.)Gay, straight, or bi?
Mika: *snickers* I'm attracted to people, not their sex.
Jenny: Straight, I suppose. Not that there's anything wrong with other women.. *shrugs*

18.)Do you go to school?
Mika: We WORK at a school, so yes and no.

19.) Ever wanna marry and have kids one day?
Jenny: Marry? I'm not opposed to the idea, but ……
Mika: *crosses arms with a smirk* The idea of having kids scares her despite that adorable motherly instinct she has. It's precious, really.
Jenny: *flushes* Gods help us if you have children, Mika.
Mika: I know, right? *grins slowly at Jenny*

20.)Do you have any fangirls/fanboys?
Jenny: Some of my students look up to me.. I.. don't know, other than them.
Mika: I'd rather have minions, or loyal servants, thank you.

21.)What are you most afraid of? I promise I won't laugh.
Mika: Probably her. *looks at Jenny*
Jenny:  Losing myself.. if it wasn't apparent, not many sorcerers with my power can keep themselves in control. It'd be awful. *rubs at one arm*

22.)Ok, ok. What color is your hair?
Jenny: Purple. And yes, it's natural.
Mika: Orange-brown – light auburn, or whatever it's called.

Jenny: Blue.
Mika: Light green.

24.)What do you usually wear? Nothing perverted.
Jenny: It varies depending on what I'm doing – you don't wear nice clothing in a place you might ruin them. I do however tend to wear shirts without backs.. it gives my wings space to move comfortably. I can phase my wings away partially or entirely and wear normal shirts, but.. *shrugs* It tends to be easier this way.   I guess I don't wear skirts or dresses very often either because it's not practical.

Mika: Functional clothes if I'm traveling – a cloak is useful, and I guess I've worn them often enough that they're not so cumbersome as they could be. Heh..  unlike the prude over there, I attempt having a social life and dress up occasionally. Whatever looks good and works.

25.)Ok. What's your religion?
Jenny: We don't have a religion, persay.. but, we do have gods and goddesses whom we understand watch over us. Two of my own – and yours truly over there, when he takes the time to acknowledge them- are Zephane and Arens. They are not exclusive, but they are patron and matron guardians, respectively, of griffins in our lands, and though they can take many forms, they often choose a griffin-like form. So the legends go.
Mika:  Legends? Please.. they're as real as you or me.
Jenny: You've yet to name an experience to prove it.
Mika: I don't have to.

Sero: Later, guys. No one needs to hear you debate T__T

26.)Do you wish this quiz is over?
Jenny: No, but I wish Sero had told me it would take so long. *glances at her*
Sero: Oh come on, I never ask you favors, you workaholic. -.-
Mika: *snerk* Even your creator calls you a workaholic.. harsh.

27.) Well, it's still not over. XD
Mika: It's actually somewhat entertaining, so I'll stick around.

28.) Anyways, where do you live?
Jenny: Back home, we lived in the institute, with many other mages. It's near the ocean, and close to the borders of three other countries. Unofficially, it is its own land.
Mika:  I'm a bit of a nomad usually.. I decided to stick around in the same place as her.

29.) What class are you? (Low class, middle class, high class)
Mika: Depends which country you're in – we're middle class in some countries, high or even elite class in others because sorcerers usually are.
Jenny: In Elarthe, probably middle class..

30.) How many friends do you have?
Jenny: I don't really number them – enough, I suppose.
Mika:  Heh,  I think the only one who'd call me a friend is here. The rest just put up with me because they must.

31.) Wow. If you could change anything about you, what would you change?
Mika: Not a damn thing.
Jenny: …….. *looks away*

32.) If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? And I don't want no cheap answer, ya hear?
Jenny: I wouldn't have a clue what to do with it.. I'd probably end up donating it.
Mika: Cheap answer.
Jenny: *folds arms* And you?
Mika: *ponder* Buy a ship – one of those old-fashioned galleon ships they still use down south. Deck it out. Make up a treasure map to some remote, wild place and send out a group of chuckleheads to go 'retrieve' it.
Jenny: ..I'm robbing you if you ever get a hold of that much money.
Mika: What? If anyone comes back alive to complain to me, they can have whatever's leftover. Besides, it's not the worst I could do.
Jenny: I know.

33.) What are your thoughts on pie?
Mika: You wouldn't believe what pies can be made of in some parts of our world..
Jenny: Stop. Now. *shudders*

34.) Alright. What's your favorite food?
Mika: Smoked meat, specifically salmon.
Jenny: Sweet riksi..*
(Sero: Riksi is a type of fruit from their world. Imagine a pumpkin-like fruit that was sweeter than honeydew. It's eaten a treat or dessert.)
Mika: *raises an eye at her with a crooked smile* Really? You?
Jenny: What?  
Mika: I wouldn't think your body could handle the sugar, that's all.
Jenny: *cheeks go slightly pink* Shows you do not know everything.

35.) Favorite drink?
Mika: Probably anything alcoholic. Don't get many chances to drink.
Jenny: Mulled ciders.. *gets a look of skepticism from Mika* -Dry ciders.

36.) What is your favourite place?
Jenny: My home. Simple as that.
Mika: *shrug* Can't think of a favorite back home. I do like the Red Fields here, though.

37.) Least favorite?
Jenny: The wastelands in the northern country. I had to visit them on business.. I'd.. rather not go back.
Mika: The temples in the western country. Eesh.
Jenny: I find it interesting that Arens is amongst the goddesses worshipped in those temples. *curious look*
Mika: *narrows his eyes at Jenny* Unless you'd like me to point out your discomfort in Zephane's shrines, you will leave that topic alone.

38.) What will make you really mad?
Jenny: I don't let anger get the better of me. If I did.. well, let's say my power wouldn't have a very pleasant effect on plant-life or people.
Mika: Didn't I answer something like this before? I'm certainly not saying here. *makes a face*

39.) Are you still wanting the quiz to end?
Jenny: *looks for a clock* Somewhat..

40.)Yeah. Well, it's over. D:
Mika: Liar. I see more questions.

41.) One more thing.
Jenny: ?

42.) ...Uke or Seme? I mean, Who "RECEIVES" and who "GIVES" ??
Jenny: I really wouldn't know.
Mika: *snickers* As if I'm picky if I'm interested.. ♥

43.) What gender are you?
Jenny: Female ..
Mika: Male – though in the instances I've needed to fake being otherwise, I can do a terrific job as a lady, in my own humble opinion.
Jenny: *shakes head*
Mika: *grin* Don't act innocent, you've masqueraded as a boy too.

44.) What is your age?
Jenny: Older than I look, but that's all I can tell you.
Mika: Actually I can't be very sure any more. Eh. As if it matters.

45.) Do you want a hug?
Jenny: Do you?
Mika: *extends arms with a slow smile*

46.) What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Jenny: I prefer sherbet.
Mika: Who makes someone pick a favourite? Pfft. Chocolate.

47.) Are you a virgin?
Jenny: Yes.
Mika:  That's a joke, right? Of course not.   

48.) Do you hate anyone?
Jenny: ….
Mika: *stretches boredly* I can think of a few.

49.) Do you have any secrets?
Mika: *sly smile* Who doesn't? Isn't that right, Jen?

50.) What is your favorite season?
Jenny: Summer, definitely.
Mika: No favourite.

51.) Who are your best friends?
Jenny: *rubs at one wrist*
Mika: Say it, darlin', you hate to lie. (Don't know why..)
Jenny: *reluctantly motions to Mika*
Mika: Heh. She's probably the closest thing I have to a friend. Told you, people: I'm hardly 'adored by all'.

52.) When is your birthday?
Mika: No idea. Doesn't make a difference to me.
Jenny: Same thing.

53.) What age did you die?
Jenny: I'm sure I don't know?
Mika: 11.

Sero: … Wait, WHAT? O_o;

54.) Are you nice or mean?
Mika: I don't see a need for this question, unless you skipped right to here..
Jenny: I may be strict when I have to be, but I am not mean-spirited.

55.) What do you think of your creator?
Mika: Eh, she'll pass. *looks at Jenny* I think we lucked out, others got shorter ends of the stick than we did.
Jenny: *frowns but says nothing*

56.) What is your weakness?
Mika:  I like to play games and she can be loyal to the point she gets hurt. Am I right?
Jenny: Not about me, no.
Mika: I'm right.

57.) How long can you stay under water?
Mika: If I can cheat, as long as I need to.
Jenny: As long as the average person can. I don't swim very often.

58.) What do you do on a regular day basis?
Jenny: *small smile* Back home, it was teach magic classes, amongst other chores I shared with co-workers. Meditation, also.
Mika: Fight with Jenny's co-workers, at one point. Fly. Commune with the spirits – back home, at least.

59.) Do you love someone?
Jenny: Only as family.
Mika:  I'll have to say no, not really.

60.) Does that person love you back?
Jenny: Ask them.

61.) Do you like me?
Jenny: I've no reason not to.
Mika: *winks and blows a mock kiss*

62.) What do you consider fun in the day time?
Mika: Why wouldn't I consider the same things fun at night?

63.) At night?
Jenny: Stargazing.

64.) Do you like meatballs?
Mika: I'm starting to think you're one.
Jenny: Be nice.

65.) Do you like Chef Boyardee's meatballs?
Jenny: Chef.. who?
Mika: Must be an Elarthe thing.

66.) DoucheSayWhat?
Mika: *flirty wink* Love you too.
Jenny: Mika--  ….
Mika: You almost fell for it. That's brilliant.

67.) Say that you were trapped in a closet with your lover for 2 days straight. What do you do if you start to starve in ONLY A 2-DAY RADIUS?
Jenny: I'd be a bit concerned for someone trapped with Mika that long already.. *chuckles*
Mika: Except for you, that's probably true. … Would you even last two days trapped in a closet? Probably not.

68.) Wow, really?
Jenny: Quit making fun of my weight. You're hardly a good example.
Mika: I'm a skinny jerk, not a borderline anorexic. I'm surprised anyone would object to me forcefeeding you.
Jenny: You'd never succeed anyway.

69.) What is your place of origin?
Jenny: I can't remember, other than it was in the northern continents somewhere.
Mika: Couldn't say.

70.) Are you wearing underwear right now?
Mika: You move fast.
Jenny: Indeed.

71.) What's your occupation?
Jenny: Back home.. a master-level witch at a magical institute. I taught students and did all kinds of work for the place.
Mika: Master-level necromancer. Unofficially.. officially I suppose I was also working at the same institute as Jenny. *looks bored mentioning this*

72.) What makes you unique?
Jenny:  What makes everyone else unique?
Mika: *snort*

73.) What species are you?
Jenny: Not sure. Humanoid species that often have magical power to tend to have unusual hair colours, so it's possible I'm a mix of them.
Mika:  Same answer, but sometimes it's just as easy to say 'demon' to see who runs away.

74.) What color is your skin?
Jenny: Very light beige.
Mika: *cough* Anemic, more like.
Jenny: I'm healthy enough-
Mika: Yes, dear, whatever you say. I've got more golden skin than her, since I'm probably from the southern continents somewhere.

75.) If you could describe yourself with ONE word, what would it be?
Jenny: Enduring.
Mika: Knowledgeable.
Jenny: …..
Mika: Can't come up with a decent counter-argument, h-uh?

76.) What do you like most about yourself?
Jenny: *rubs at her wrists nervously and says nothing*
Mika: *grins at Jenny* Ah, always the modest one. Your patience for utter stupidity is something remarkable.
Jenny: *folds arms* And your answer regarding yourself, Mika?
Mika: I'm happy with myself as a whole, thank you. Why would I favor one thing?
Jenny: (Eesh..)

77.) Got a theme song? What is it?
Jenny: "No One Loves You" -  it's a soundtrack theme. Sero said it reminded her of me.  
Mika: "Devil's Cry" by Coal Chamber. 

78.) Favorite spot to be 'touched' *smirks*
Jenny: *blush* Nowhere.
Mika: Yeah right.. *leans closer to her* I'll bet I can guess.
Jenny: *now quite red* Don't even think of it. Back away. *crosses arms and raises chin, giving Mika a severe look*
Mika: You're afraid I'd be right.
Jenny:  It's your turn, dear.
Mika: Tch.. as for me?  The neck.. or maybe the stomach. *smirks amusedly at Jenny*

79.) Who do you trust most?
Jenny: The headmaster at the institute – I may not understand why she does sometimes, but I trust her judgment.
Mika: (Not someone I'd put blind faith in..) Myself. You shouldn't trust anyone else more than yourself, where we're from.

80.) Nicknames?
Jenny: "Jenny" or "Jen".. only my superiors or those on business call me Jennifer.
Mika: *chortles* None to my face, but doubtless there are some kind names for me when I'm not around.

81.) What do you love most in the world?
Jenny: Blair and my students.. *trails off*
Mika: The fact that karma exists, and it catches up to everyone.
Jenny: You.. should be afraid of yours, then.
Mika: *dark, secretive smile*

82.) If the world was ending tomorrow what would you do?
Jenny: Enjoy what time was left with those I care about.
Mika: I can think of one thing.
Jenny: Which is..?
Mika: Oh nothing appropriate for your ears. Hear no evil, you know? *smirks*
Jenny: (I hardly believe that.)

83.) Favorite color?
Jenny: Pink or red.
Mika: Jade.

84.) Favorite music band?
Jenny: HIM, perhaps?
Mika: Akira Yamaoka.. I don't listen to much music.

85.) Favorite place to have sex? >:3
Mika: Tch, as if I'm about to pick a favorite place. Unless it makes Jenny squirm then-
Jenny: Enough. Don't make Sero censor you.

86.) Favorite thing about your lover?
Mika: Lover-s. Plural. I do love the ones that can play games.

87.) Have any kids?
Jenny: Neither of us – probably a good thing. *smirks sidelong at Mika*
Mika: At least I would make a strapping parent. *pinches Jenny's cheek*
Jenny: *elbows Mika*

88.) Play an instrument? If so what one?
Jenny: Well.. I have been attempting to be taught the flute, in my spare time. I haven't practiced much.. *blush*
Mika: Guitars and the like – you learn a few things from travelers as a nomad.

89.) What sport do you play?
Jenny: *weak chuckle* Look at me – I'm not much of a sports person.
Mika: Actually, that's probably true for me too, only I just am not what you'd call a 'team player'.

90.) What's your favorite time of day?
Jenny: Mornings – they're very serene.
Mika: Probably night-time. You meet the most interesting people in the dark.
Jenny: And you're one of them.

91.) Last one!! XD if you could have any superpower what would it be?
Mika: I've already got enough magic to do pretty much what I want.. what else do I need?
Jenny: The ability to heal – it's one magic I can't use because it's not an element, persay.

Sero: And that's a wrap! Now go bicker elsewhere, both of you.

Mika: Sounds like a plan actually. *drapes an arm over Jenny's shoulders* Shall we? *grin*
Jenny: *flushing* *pushes Mika's arm off* Perhaps a good idea.
Mika: Oh really?
Jenny: -! Not in that way. (Really, now.. e.e)

(Thanks for reading! )
Maybe I'll add a little sketch at the top when I've time to do it. .____.;
Quick 20-minute sketch coloured and added X3 Larger image in my scraps: [link]

Alternate title could be "Mika being a prick and making you wonder why Jenny tolerates him" >.>
Totally ganked this together from *diana-hnd, but didn't realize it'd be fun to put Jenny and Mika together/help practice their dynamics. (The same Jenny and Mika as seen here: [link] ) For practice I also wrote them in a style similar to Diana's, which.. I'll admit, was fun, even if awkward for me in some ways. XD

I pieced this together over the last few days, when I had time.. it took surprisingly long. OTL

Since I haven't planned everything in their own world, imagine this as something like an interview for their purposes in Elarthe in the #ea-lec ;D
Links to the themes mentioned: No One Loves You - [link] ;; The Devil's Cry - [link]

There are some obvious hints to consider too. Have fun reading those. 8D I actually got to think more about where Jenny and Mika would be (back home) in a few years doing this.. refreshing.
Jenny and Mika -- myself, aka "Sero" (genji-rose)

I don't know who originally wrote this quiz but would be happy to credit whomever did. ;___;
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Allysdelta Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2011   General Artist
I have no idea where this quiz came from either; Diana and I yanked it from *azispaz, but Azi has no idea where she got it either. -__- Oh well. It serves to amuse, even if its authorship remains a mystery.

And why do I see Mika possibly getting along with Crispin? Why why WHY?!
Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It was fun indeed - weird that the original author can't be identified.. maybe it didn't originate on DA?

HEEEEEE. Maaaaybe.. Mika's not hard to get along with (and less treacherous) in small doses, as I'm learning from having him interact more in the EA:LEC. 8D
Though from a brief read I've had of Crispin, I can imagine the drama that would ensue if Mika found buttons to push.. :paranoid:
diana-hnd Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
For practice I also wrote them in a style similar to Diana's, which.. I'll admit, was fun, even if awkward for me in some ways. XD

Pffft. I wasn't aware there was even a style at all to how I write. :P

Mika: *ponder* Buy a ship – one of those old-fashioned galleon ships they still use down south. Deck it out. Make up a treasure map to some remote, wild place and send out a group of chuckleheads to go 'retrieve' it.


Is it bad that I laughed?

Mika: Male – though in the instances I've needed to fake being otherwise, I can do a terrific job as a lady, in my own humble opinion.

*is using every muscle in her body to refrain from making the "Nice legs" remark on that*
.... Ooops.

45.) Do you want a hug?
Jenny: Do you?
Mika: *extends arms with a slow smile*

... I'm pretty sure Mika doesn't get hugs very often. ^^;;;;
Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Apparently you do! ('Cuz I mimicked it because it's fun to read [and write]. :XD: )

I'd laugh too, but Jenny would tell you not to encourage him. Mika, being the creep that he is, would probably pick some horrible, horrible place to send would-be adventurers, though... >.>

I... somehow doubt Mika cares about 'nice legs' commentary. He's so secure that he'd probably take it as a compliment. ;]
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