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Mine Fail Montage 7 by Absolute-Sero Mine Fail Montage 7 by Absolute-Sero
Here is your grand finale! Behold the mine shaft!
... The mine tunnel that only ran 20 feet in. This is a dead-end.

Needless to say after 2 hours of hiking just attempting to find this, it was a letdown. My sense of adventure was more keyed to finding the actual mine entrance that could be explored for a while.
And I know it's there, according to rumour and friends at work, but there were no other hints to lead us to the mine entrance. Apparently the thing is even bricked at the entrance for support or records or something but..
No go. But my intent is to go back and find it, dammit. Someday.

The montage continues but I didn't snap anymore pictures. We hit a trail that turned to a dead-end that we could not help but associate with the type of setting Jurassic Park velociraptors hunt in. After turning back we continue up the right way and find out that the trail connects to one that we had gotten turned around on earlier..
Twice. x.x

For being so sporting I had to treat my friend to lunch after an hour's walk back to town. We earned it I say.

I'll be seeking out more info about the actual mines for my next attempt to explore them.. I'm still up for it even after this. Muahaha.

(Goldstream area, Victoria BC.)
miniassassin Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2010
I hated the walk but garsh darnit I would do it again if we found the proper mines(that may exist) lol thx for that lunch by the way.. was so hungry.
Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, I'm trying to get a friend to pass on info from her dad, who has BEEN to the mines and could probably tell us more about where they are.. I still really want to find them.

It's all good.. I love that little restaurant m'self. <3 Wanna stop in just because it's so good.
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