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Mine Fail Montage 3 by Absolute-Sero Mine Fail Montage 3 by Absolute-Sero
Yeap we were definitely taking a rest here.
After getting lost - the trail became undefined because recent heavy storms have damaged these trails- and hitting dead ends and going up and around another trail to hit the location aimed for.. like an hour later, we are finally hiking up this way.

Nasty winter weather the past few years has seriously damaged the trails, so the fences are slightly new-ish, added after the worst of the storms. I'll bet the park hasn't even gotten a full look at this winter's damage (broke some records for mild coastal weather at -16 at the lowest and like.. below 0 celsius for weeks).

My rambling aside, I was so happy to be on a proper trail again after our last one had meandered into nowhere.. It would have been okay had I not tweaked my knee, which slowed me down the rest of the day. -.-

(Goldstream area, Victoria BC)
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