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Jade, concept art by Absolute-Sero Jade, concept art by Absolute-Sero
Jade and her wicked sycophan-style blade, I should elaborate. 8D
We think of 'jade' as in the deep green stone, but her name is quite different in her own world. Jade is no human; her race is highly-advanced, all for the better since they deal with a deadly threat that requires all the technology they can come up with.  Sycophan blades/weaponry must be held properly to trigger and use the blade(s) functionally, disappear when not in-use, and are a new weapon which is only granted to special scouting units of the military. They work similarly to how us humans might imagine lasers could if harnessed into a certain shape.

Jade is by no means a new character, but the story she comes from is getting revamped. Hopefully.. HOPEFULLY.. it will be posted semi-soon.  I will be releasing the story in a similar way as I did for Trial for the Deluded, having at least one chapter ahead or the whole story finished.. more on that if it develops. This time around a sci-fi/fantasy mix which I don't even know how I came up with.

It's "concept" in that while I have a relative idea of her race, some features may change. They do bear resemblance to humans in the two-legged aspect and five digits on their arms and legs, but they evolved from a different species than primate (or the equivalent in their world).  Also, they are taller and willowy, less muscled in build (male and female alike), and Jade's curve here is largely due to her armor.   I actually drew Jade's ears, but decided that most commonly, from puberty onwards her race has hair long enough to conceal all or most of their ears, which have a lower and upper point. Long hair like Jade's is quite common for that reason - being that she's on-the-go a lot, her hair is pulled up in a braid, tail, or something like that, but I wanted to show it in its fully glory here. The roots of their hair are stronger than the ends - they bend, but have a tendency to stand a little straighter than, say, human hair, and give a bigger appearance to their skulls for it. 
Most from Jade's world are similarly skinned as Jade, with bright-coloured eyes of some variety.. there are some other morphologies, but as something which may come up in the story itself.. I'll leave that for another time ;D
Not sure of the timeframe. I.. did a good chunk of this while drinking on St. Paddy's Day >.>;;;
Paint Tool SAI.

"Jade" and related concepts -- Absolute-Sero
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March 18, 2014
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