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Genderbends! by Absolute-Sero Genderbends! by Absolute-Sero
HOHOHO.. I went there.  Actually meant to do these two for ages, but forced myself to sit down and get to work.

Adelle might have shorter hair than I drew, realistically, but I left it just for aesthetics and that it may have been earlier in her life.  Lily's-man!self was a bit harder to pin down but really shouldn't have been hard because physically he'd vary little from Lily.  Funny how drawing the reverse gender did make me fairly sure of those smaller details I talked about - their characters would not have changed deeply, but little things would have been tweaked if they'd been born male/female instead of the original.

I did this, I SO dare PoeticDiscourse to victimize one of her characters now! 8D
I couldn't resist showing you these as much as I want to see your versions sometime ;;

:star:  STOCK ALERT!  I got major help from this stock artist - rather than link the pics, I'll let you peruse the gallery for yourself. Will get to a note as soon as I've had some sleep. -may be seeing double right now..-
:iconpyjama-cake: <-- go see the stock, it's quite lovely :heart:


Lily Harper (Laverne) and Adair Katrinkov (Adelle) -- myself (:devAbsolute-Sero)
Mikkhos Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I so want my tablet. :I I'm even thinking of installing Linux. I heard there are drivers for Linux. Ugh. I would totally love to draw Marc as a girl.

The both of them are amazing. xD They still very much stick to the original character which is awesome. You're so pro for doing full bodies. ;________________;
Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If it works and you can use it, awesome - Windows 8 sounds like it's been nothing but trouble so far.
Stock does wonders, otherwise I'd never have managed full body art. xP  Took forever to get the legs right even so, augh.  I found Lily's male counterpart didn't really jive as well because (as I said previously but anyway) she is really female and has too much history made up due to gender imbalances she faced.  Personality-wise there's a change yet physically I couldn't imagine her male persona looking all that different (almost like she would if she dressed the part)?

I also want to see you draw Marc as a girl. ... And not just to imagine what he'd look like paired with Adair's female counterpart, hurr hurr..
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July 3, 2014
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