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EALEC: The Collector's Helpers by Absolute-Sero EALEC: The Collector's Helpers by Absolute-Sero
This image should be downloaded to view its full size (1233 pixels wide) to read it properly. Sorry to those with smaller monitors who will find this a pain! ;(

For the EA:LEC -- :iconea-lec:

FINALLY THIS IS FINIIIIISHED! Re-make of the old version of 'The Collector's Helpers', (now stored for fugliness xD)
This time, I tried to put relevant information in their description, including their.. odd relationship, which I didn't explain very well in their old picture. And by-the-by, they ARE from the same world as Kira and Lilac, although very far away from most kitsune towns.

I attempted to stick to the same nature of the old pictures, albeit I revised their outfits and painted the backgrounds much better (IMHO). I know there are anatomy errors, but to have this finished after so long makes me happy. I tend to try purposely to make them seem unusually lanky, as they are supposed to be a bit stretched. Jenny and Mika are -not human-, after all. :]

They are basically masters of the art of magic-crafting, and can utilize most forms of it. Jenny and Mika cannot use healing magic, though - in their world, healing magic is a different power from the elemental magic they are adept with.
They have a rare capacity for spiritual magic too. The effects of Jenny are sensitivity and communication with spirits/souls/life, living or not, and sometimes discomfort if she enters a vicinity that she can sense shades or ill-contented spirits. Jenny's magic is capable of affecting people and the living environment (plants, earth) around her, which has severe consequences if she were to become angry. On her own world (not in Elarthe!) Jenny was incapable of reviving the dead because it was unnatural, and to do so would corrupt her.. but not here.
The effects on Mika are sensitivity and communication with spirits/souls/life, and a fair level of discomfort upon entering some holy or pure areas. Mika's magic can warp the emotion of living and dead souls around and unselectively kill a large range of plant-life; he also tends to attract dark spirits or shades, and is capable of controlling them. Mika has brought people back from the dead before in his own world..

A bit more about Jenny
Jen was raised strictly with the full knowledge of the mages who took care of her (her parents were never in the picture) that she was going to grow up to have powerful magic. She got into an accident only a few years ago, which Jenny has a difficult time remembering and remembering her history beyond and doesn't try to probe anymore. This includes when she received the anchor gemstone that aids her control of her magic. Though she's been very friendly with the sorcerors at the school, she remained somewhat distant from all of them except for her enigmatic teacher, the rarely-seen founder of the school rumoured to be a faerie.
And she's naturally very thin, but her appearance isn't improved by her tendency to get lost in her work and not eat. d: While her true age is unknown and stress makes her look a bit older, Jenny appears to be in her twenties somewhere.

A bit more about Mika
Mika's appearance (his skintone, at least) indicates he is from a south-east country across the ocean in his and Jenny's world, yet Mika bore no accent or tendencies that indicated his former culture. (The red hair and almost cat-like eyes are not traits of the region.) It's hinted he's traveled the world, and is reasonably fluent with many languages. Jenny and Mika are not alike in many personality aspects, but superficial physical details such as their height, wings, odd hair and eye colour, and possession of a power-gem were thought very peculiar. Mika is especially feared for his power gem; some suspect that is part of the reason he maintains his sanity when many corrupted spirit-mages, as they are called, go entirely mad. No one but Mika knows for sure.
Mika's appearance varies from androgynous (usually) to bordering feminine when he feels like dressing that way - and he's as domineering as ever whatever he's wearing. While his true age is unknown, he appears to be in his twenties.

Spiritual forms
These two both possess 'spiritual' forms, which can travel easily and quickly over ground, through water, air, and even magic. Only individuals predisposed to see spirits will see them - otherwise, they are invisible. The purpose of these forms is to allow them easy communication with spirits in their homeworld and almost total control over them. [NOTE: the spiritual world and the underworld/afterlife are not the same thing; the spiritual world is parallel to their own, but that's another story!]
However, only Mika takes this form often; Jenny cannot control herself nearly as well, and avoids taking this shape too frequently. The spiritual forms resemble gryffins, albeit smoky, surreal gryffins, and in Mika's case a very dark, creepy version of one. As is the case with their wings, these bodies cannot be harmed by regular means. Though, Jenny and Mika cannot stay in these bodies indefinitely - Jenny in fact cannot remain in this body long at all. The consequences of forcing either of them to remain transformed is unknown.

Any other questions, just ask. : D


:bulletgreen: Their entry into Elarthe can be read here

:bulletgreen: How they found the Jade Caverns can be read here
(They help people who get lost in the caverns - see the #ea-lec blog on 'Locations for more details!)

Lines in Paint Tool Sai; colours and text in CS2.
Overall, likely 12 hours; saved @ 33% original size.

Mika + Jenny -- myself (genji-rose)
This is for the #ea-lec <3
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diana-hnd Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Man, you really did this one nicely. I especially love Mika's spooky wings! OwO And wow, I can now see that Jenny's looks young and old (because of the stress) at the same time. Day-mn!

It makes sense for these two to be lanky. It seems to be a rather ideal form for them to fly around (physically).

I missed these two! Even Mika. Dammit. Bad boys really get all the love.

Also, I suppose it is now cool to add this pic to the #ea-lec's NPC gallery? 83

*reads Mika's info*

But more often, he is ... cat-like. While overall charismatic as needed, he is manipulative and often sadistic.

*uses every muscle in body to restrain self from blurting out Mika x Erro*

Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!!! :aww: I really wanted to re-draw these two - their old picture was really bothering me in its lack of easy info and the art in general. I had fun painting them here, despite that it took longer than planned. ♥

And THANKS - I'm not good with age still, but Jen's looks were something I really strove for. I was trying to tweak little things around her so she was less pretty. Spooky was what I aimed for with Mika's wings.

And yeah, that's true - I forgot to mention anywhere they weight less than their height would indicate for the same reason of flight.. d'oh.

I know right?
And yush - I'll be removing their old version soon.

... I think my brain just broke. I never thought of Erro. Until now. ........ I think either they would get along, or not at all because of their similarities (though when I think about it, Mika is not a very sexual character, in comparison to Erro). You know, since sticking two cats in the room can end up with fur flying.
Now I wish I could see what'd happen... oh dear. :XD:
diana-hnd Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You know, since sticking two cats in the room can end up with fur flying.
Now I wish I could see what'd happen... oh dear.

..... Suddenly I fear for Erroneous. :fear: LOL!
Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Tee hee. Same here - although I have to admit, the thought is still incredibly entertaining to ponder. :XD:
I'm pretty sure Mika's got the ability to make anyone regret starting something with him, but I also would love to see someone make HIM regret something. BWAHAHA. -evil- 8D
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