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EA-LEC: quarrel (weekly prompt) by Absolute-Sero EA-LEC: quarrel (weekly prompt) by Absolute-Sero

Sorta something I did to challenge myself and practice comics in a small way. Where was the challenge?
All the lines are on one layer. Plus white background and one for text.. 3 layers total. This is also original size for once. ^^;  I could have added dialogue.. but another practice was trying to go without it and still tell some sort of tale through visuals. I need to improve at including scenery rather than empty space so I made some effort here without fussing too hard.

Featured are Jenny (the one rushing away at the end) and Mika.. either for those who are unfamiliar with them or whomever doesn't remember, these two sorcerers are possibly among the most magically potent beings on their world. They also possess spiritual magic to top it off. Spiritual power - as it exists in their mortal world - is unique in that it has the tendency to corrupt the user if their emotions are not in-balance.. and few living beings can always be in this balance. Destructive emotions essentially tip them over the edge and they lose their mind, and the magic becomes tainted. Mika's spiritual power is an example of this, although his sanity is not gone (just questionable at times).
Jenny on the other hand.. she's managed to keep herself sane and in-control. Her magic is untainted. It's a tough gig, but she manages. Mika is the one person she can be free to be herself around, but it still has warning signs. Anger and sadness, when not brief enough, affect her surroundings. First smallish to medium plants will wither.. possible larger flora and trees following.. then animals and people become agitated, depressed, or otherwise out-of-sorts.  Jenny seldom gets angry (it's not really in her nature to sustain anger) but she is mortal, and sometimes it unsurprisingly starts dripping out when she's expressing herself to Mika.
Mika, on the other hand, usually is teasing when he reminds her to stay in-control. But even he gets nasty with her sometimes, and what he's probably telling her here is none too pleasant.  But at least she'll go find herself somewhere secluded to recoup and stabilize herself.

3-4 hours, Photoshop CS2

Jennifer Takata, Mika Ruryoshi -- myself (Absolute-Sero)
For the ea-lec
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November 6, 2015
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