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EA-LEC: no dialogue (weekly prompt) by Absolute-Sero EA-LEC: no dialogue (weekly prompt) by Absolute-Sero

Something a bit less vicious than Daemon's last prompt, some dialogue-less art of Daemon giving a second look at a pretty lady in the Hideout.  Yes, she likes ladies ;D  (Men too, but they tend to have to work harder to impress her.)  I didn't design this woman with any scene in mind, but it's quite possible Daemon's the server of her table, and hints have already been dropped. And apparently well-received. 
You don't always need words with eyes like those. :eyes:

Side fact, Daemon works part-time as a waitress/bouncer at the Heroes' Hideout.  I don't know how well it'd go over, but Daemon just couldn't stand the style of the bowtie. Kinda weird because her attire is all-over-the-place, but the bowtie to her seemed so old-fashioned and silly. So she's getting away with a tie as a substitute as long as she can.  Bogus may have to remind her repeatedly if it doesn't pass his standards. :XD:  Not that she forgets, she's just stubborn. And good at playing dumb.
Though she doesn't look like much, Daemon is more than able to throw someone out if they're causing trouble, just like any of the Hideout waiters. And she loves the event when it happens, heh.
2-4 hours, Paint Tool SAI

Daemon Bond -- myself (Absolute-Sero)
For the ea-lec
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March 28, 2015
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