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EA-LEC: kitsune fashion (weekly prompt) by Absolute-Sero EA-LEC: kitsune fashion (weekly prompt) by Absolute-Sero

It was an open prompt this week, so I went with something different fashion-wise for kitsunes. Gives me a chance to ramble a little about kitsune clothing/culture sorta ;3
Since it's not meant to be a huge piece of art, left it a little less tidy. Considering how fast I did it, could have turned out worse!

Kitsune fashion varies widely by region, even though the vast majority of clans go with practical stuff for day-to-day. When there are big events happening in a clan/tribe, the formal or fancy wear can be heavily affected by how much influence the group's had with humans. Human fashion tends to be picked up and incorporated in some way into those with plentiful human interaction. Lilac as an individual has had more experience among humans and human fashion than Kira, whose tribe had only moderate dealings with them, so she's picked up human fashion tastes. Kira's tribe had formal wear but it wasn't so.. show-y. XD She isn't extremely body-shy, but the revealing clothing and its less-than-practical design (something I figure her clan would still take into consideration when tailoring fancy clothes) has her a little less plucky than usual. 
Either Lilac worked very hard to persuade her sister or she called Kira on a favour or bet. Kira wants to run off and change into comfy clothes.  At least Lilac gave her the idea to shape her metal bracers into jewelry so it could still fit with her outfit ♥

TL;DR  I wanted to embarass the hell out of Kira, and show Lilac can be less of a bitch and more gentle in teasing SOMETIMES..
3-4 hours, Paint Tool SAI.

Kira and Lilac -- myself (Absolute-Sero)
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October 11, 2014
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