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EA-LEC: fanservice/april fool's (weekly prompt) by Absolute-Sero EA-LEC: fanservice/april fool's (weekly prompt) by Absolute-Sero

Anyone know that Daemon paints?  'Cuz she does. Beautifully.  More so than I could ever capture here so this was all I could do is something speedy and pretend it looks like a masterpiece. OTL
In some strange way, not only is this fanservice - though not of my character for a change - but also a strange April Fools' joke. I don't get it, but Daemon finds it somewhat amusing. And gets to paint a pretty girl (and though I'd feel the same as Charcoal, she just has a VERY incredible memory for detail when it comes to painting from-life).
And I guess Su gets a picture out of it if she wants it?
I wasn't 100% on Su's response, not knowing her as well..... I did my best. Hope diana-hnd isn't too taken aback by it ^^;

The reason Suyiba, by the way, in my head can ignore creepy vibes from a would-be stalker? (how do you get a portrait of her without stalking, really, she's so fast!)  Su can take care of herself. And anyone who crosses her path (stalker or otherwise), as seen in here:
 EA-LEC: The Meanwhile 6 by diana-hnd

This was a tip-of-the-hat to a weekly prompt in past too, chyahah:
EA-LEC: Unstoppable by diana-hnd

Daemon won't sign her name (this is one of aliases she will likely come up with by the dozen around Elarthe) nor are her portraits going to necessarily look at all alike style-wise. And the 'little ninja' reference might seem condescending, but from her, in this case, it's actually more a term of endearment. For all she knows Su is a ninja and she's foretelling the truth. (And Daemon's way shorter than Su, so she completely gets people underestimating a 'little girl' so is unafraid to use short references. 83)

4 hours; Clip Studio Paint EX5

Suyiba and Charcoal -- :icondiana-hnd:
Picture -- myself (Daemon also, but you wouldn't want her anyway ;P)
diana-hnd Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Totally not expecting this. AWESOME! Thank ye muchly! 8DDD

And you're right; she IS the sort to ignore stalker-ish creepy vibes, pffft.
Considering that Su yoinked her with an extra arrow accessory, it's only fitting that Daemon... ninjas a painting of her. xDDDD

So, Manea? And a dozen aliases? How'd she keep track of 'em? xD
Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wasn't expecting it either, didn't expect to get it done in 4 hours at all. But I hopped on the inspiration train while it was in-motion and... voila!

HEH. I don't think she's unaware regardless of how it looks. I just don't see Suyiba really needing to worry too much about herself. She's more than capable.  >D
Pffft. Daemon's probably heard such jokes before, it can't come as a huge shock. ;D  She's got some sense of humour there.

Well.. practice? >.>  Wouldn't want someone to see your names in paintings from decades to centuries ago, hurr hurr.. might make her existence a little tougher to sneak around. >8D
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