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EA-LEC: different race (weekly prompt) by Absolute-Sero EA-LEC: different race (weekly prompt) by Absolute-Sero

Aha! I don't recall the last time I tried to do these two as they'd appear as gryffins, much less in-colour - which is a shame, really, as the gryffins of their world could use more attention. Hope this makes up for it.

As you can see, since they originate from different parts of the world, their appearances differ. I should mention off-the-bat that while they have some camoflauge, gryffins don't have to blend in as well as the rest of the food chain.. they are more-or-less apex predators due to their intelligence. Those that could best them don't generally find them worth the trouble. Humans are the biggest bother to the gryffin race of the Gaia world, although that leads to the second point.
Gryffins are one of the most magical beings on the planet, although not as overt spellcasters. I'm not sure on the details (yet), but that they have magical power in their very bodies, I strongly suspect they can illusion their own bodies well to hide amidst surroundings.
But, anyway.

This doesn't all apply to Mika or Jenny but I used them as examples to ramble. :la:

Jenny:  northern/mountain types like her have a multitude of colourations. Hers is violet-tinged but just as easily used in mountain settings, especially caves since in dull lighting it can seem much more grey. The white wing colouration can be useful for winter, where they can shield her otherwise dark, mottled body and blend into a snowy environment. Whilst flying they can also take on a similarity to clouds.  As demonstrated in her image, Jenny - and all gryffins - have human-like hands that are virtually just as mobile and useful. The tail plumage does flatten out and responds to emotions, but I showed it poofed-out here just because. The thicker, longer fur at the gryffin's chests is pronounced in cold climates, and grows a bit longer in the winter. Generally it's the wings and chest that need to be kept warm the most, so the dark colouration (hopefully) keeps that heat where it needs to be. The claws of northern types are retractable, so what you see here is actually much longer when a gryffin gets angered and lashes out. Mountain sorts like as I drew Jenny are rarely seen by human beings, something that is intentional on the gryffins' part. While very cold air can be a nuisance, the gryffins' powerful claws can actually grip into mountain rock well enough that a flier who needs to warm their wings can pull them close for a few minutes, allowing them to warm up before continuing. Even on vertical walls, they can usually find somewhere to grip and rest, since their eyesight is incredibly good.

Mika:  I did draw a desert type before, but I overhauled the last design. Desert gryffins like Mika generally have lighter colouration that can blend into sand easier, although occasionally pure black griffins have been noted in the groups and survive just as long.  Though it's not something I drew (space reasons) their wings are a different shape, designed for long-distance gliding and riding thermals. Deserts make for big hunting grounds, and the desert gryffins have to cover very long stretches of ground. Though they can achieve impressive ground speed, they tend to fly extremely high in the sky to cover the distances. Darker-coloured wings absorb sunlight, so at a high altitude their wings can take in all the warmth possible and not cramp up. As one might have guessed, the larger ears act as a method of expelling heat. Their coats are light and airy, and the extra mane around the chest is minimal. The tail's long length and fan-like shape serves a practical purpose; desert gryffins can use it to fling sand or rocks when on the ground at opponents, to blind them. For a gryffin who can't yet use their magic to blend into surroundings, the tail can quickly toss sand over their bodies - if done properly, they've used this as a technique to hide from enemies. (Though only really effective from a distance, not likely close-range.) Lastly, there are extremely bright reflections off the lightest shade of tail-feathers, which in addition to trying to impress a mate, can actually be blinding in full sunlight at the right angle, and good for disorienting an enemy before flinging sand at them.

For the ea-lec, but Jenny, Mika, and these gryffin concepts are my own. :heart:
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diana-hnd Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like the logic behind the make-up of these griffins, especially the wings. Most practical for these creatures in the wild. :D
Mika has such a pretty, fwoofy tail. :heart:
Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeaaah, though griffins don't have to worry about blending in very much.. not much seriously threatens them. So I could get away with using vaguely-similar colour schemes.. >.>
Yusss.. I imagine the underside of the feathers is dull, so that while flying the tail won't call attention. I had to show it in its glory though. :heart:
Mikkhos Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ah i like the differences between them based on origin. that's very interesting.
the fur is really nicely done, very pretty. 
Mika's tail is so beautiful ;-; 
Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Makes sense in that most animals aside from humans adapt to their environments. :la:

Pff.. I was lazy with the fur and sorta slapped colour on, then called it done.
I like Mika's tail too. c: <3
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