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EA-LEC:  archery (weekly prompt 'anything goes') by Absolute-Sero EA-LEC:  archery (weekly prompt 'anything goes') by Absolute-Sero
(for the "anything goes" weekly prompt!)

If you've forgotten who he is, he is a foreigner from the world of Jenny, Kira, Blair, etc and works with the Strongquill family in their hunting supply shop. EA-LEC: The Strongquills and Mirudu

Mirudu was not a child prodigy in archery - he didn't take it up 'til late, and he developed his skill because it was necessary to hunt to feed himself. In his own world he already knew a bit about crossbows, but the plain bow was easier to use and favoured because hunting in silence was necessary to avoid attacks from large predators in the mountains he used to call home. (A loud gunshot from a rifle would carry miles and miles.)  He still favours bows over firearms, generally.
  Here, though, he shows a similar aptitude since starting practice with Avery, and through practice can now handle rifles with the same great skill as Ivy, who's been taught all her life how to shoot - only a little behind Avery, who is rare to be bested in the art of long-range shooting. Due to a frequently harsh environment back home, adjusting for factors such as wind, rain, and moving targets on uneven ground has become easier with practice.  If you challenge Mirudu's aim, best be quite prepared.

[I see Mir actually being right-handed, but because yours truly is left-handed - and my own archery experiences are easy to draw on for reference - and he doesn't want to be crippled if his other arm is rendered weak.. he tries to flex his ambidextrous muscles and use the weaker arm.]

1-2 hours

Mirudu -- myself (Absolute-Sero)
For the ea-lec
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November 1, 2015
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