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EA-LEC: The Strongquills and Mirudu by Absolute-Sero EA-LEC: The Strongquills and Mirudu by Absolute-Sero

Sooo of course bringing a character in as an NPC spawned two new characters as well. PFFFFT. I can't make anything simple for myself. -flop-

( Averenthe Strongquill )

The owner and generally the main man you go to when you need something in the shop, demonstrations, or are looking for custom supplies. Avery came to Belcazzar with his daughter, Ivy, 10 years ago, and he re-started the business he had to leave his home region with. Slowly, he made it into a tidy living for himself and his only child.  He’s an older man in his fifties, but he’s still in his prime and able to do everything he was able to twenty years ago.
Personality-wise, Avery is generally calm and stoic. His business sense is spot-on, and he always seems to know just where to bargain and where to settle. From a chaotic history growing-up, he turns down illicit trading that might endanger himself, his business, or Ivy. Though he presents a stern face and is pretty intimidating when he’s angered, he has a softer side and is also in-control of himself, only resorting to violence when necessary.

Avery is a master huntsman, able to use a variety of bows/arrows and rifles efficiently, and he is respected among shooting range groups despite that he rarely participates in tournaments anymore. In addition, he can do minor enchantments and spellery – not useful for attacking, but it can still aid him in the form of making his shots fly straight and his arrows magically returning to his quiver if he misses his target. The little things can count in a dire circumstance too!

( cats near his feet are Roxy and Kester )

Actually a foreigner from the big inter-world portal, he was hired quite some time back after inquiring about work and impressing Avery with his knowledge of archery and aptitude with a bow. Mirudu works with minding the storefront and aiding in some of the everyday tasks like selling wares to customers and making the custom arrows when commissioned. Because he’s also an expert archer, Avery has taken on Mirudu as his go-to man for hunting specific birds to create the feather fletchings.  Though appreciative and now trusting of Avery and even Ivy, Mirudu (occasionally called ‘Mir’ by Ivy) is a reserved man and shares little of his history.  Mir may be short at-times, but rarely displays pronounced temper.
He’s not very material, and seldom carries more than he needs to on him, likely to live off the land so long as he is allowed to hunt and gather to do so. A little wild at-heart, he is genuinely at-ease when he’s out on his own, and doesn’t often seek others’ company since it tends to overwhelm him and causes him to withdraw.  So far he's yet to demonstrate a malicious nature when he is at his best, though.

In addition to being a keen archer (though he says he was not very good when he first used a bow), Mirudu is good with any weapons that he can use as a staff or spear. He’ll usually carry some form of one of those if he goes out far, and will settle with something collapsible or concealed knives if in a place that carrying long weapons isn’t appropriate.

Mirudu is usually never far from two smallish leopard-like cats that follow him if allowed, two females nicknamed Roxy and Kester. The cats are somewhat affectionate with him, but strangers are merely tolerated and could be growled or hissed at if the cats feel they or Mirudu are threatened. Those that Mirudu spends time with seems to affect the cats’ perception and they will tolerate more from some individuals as a result.  They are not as smart as people, but presumably the prolonged contact with Mirudu and other sentient races has boosted their common senses somewhat.

( Ivathina Strongquill )

Avery did the best he could with his now-18-year-old daughter.  Ivy is just about ready to take off on her own, though she hasn’t made up her mind yet as to doing what.. so, for now, she just hangs around helping her father with the shop. Mostly she’s fine with this, but it does cause griping, which begins the cycle of her father telling her to pick a career. Etc etc, thus is the life of a teenager/young adult.
Having grown up using bows and doing target practice since she was a little girl, Ivy is competent with most forms of shooting. Because she doesn’t have the same passion for it as her father, she’s not as skilled since she spends more of her free time outside of the range. That is relative though, Ivy's still a great marksman.  Having come to Belcazzar when she was around eight, she had a hard time adjusting and didn’t make many friends through school. Since graduating she made quite an effort to turn it around in a short time, and now knows all sorts all over the city. While sometimes a bit overbearing and protective of her closer friends, she does catch herself and apologize if she notices or gets called out on it. Unlike her father, though, she’s more likely to resort to violence if her temper does get a hold of her and she just can't bite her tongue any longer. Poorly-seen in the reference, Ivy is not only tall (5'11"!) but also sturdy in build and knows something about street-fighting. (Where she picked that up, who knows!)

An noteable talent that her father wishes she’d pursue is her ability to cast much stronger enchantments and similar on items or people. Like Avery, the magic isn’t offensive – but for supportive and enchanting purposes, she might have what it takes to make it into a good school. If she can make up her mind about it.

A random but interesting side-point, Ivy does have some mommy-issues. She knew the woman briefly when she was younger, but her parents were never married and her mother called it quits on being a parent almost ten years ago.

Even less important side-point.. I'm interested to see if anyone sees a similarity between Ivy's hair and a long-gone comic from years ago. I didn't realize it until I finished, but I consider it subconscious tribute to a work I wish I'd gotten to see to the end. </3
That's all for now. Time for me to take some gaming breaks!  Before I forget..

Stock artists I browsed galleries of for references!


Go give them a look/watch <3
Characters -- myself
They are for the ea-lec group!

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Glad the stock was of use :)
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Thank you for sharing it with everyone :D
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