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EA:LEC- Showing spine by Absolute-Sero EA:LEC- Showing spine by Absolute-Sero

To understand this, read this comic first (this is a response to it)!

(This is also best understood if you've read Cryptic Innocence, the aftermath of which is what Bogus is getting at!
Plz 'n thx. :3)


Not only did I REALLY want to draw the fact that Jenny stands up for herself, *diana-hnd's comic gave me a perfect way to do so. XD For Bogus' concern, she might enlighten him at least on why she takes such a passive response to Mika many a times.. using the result of being provoked as example.
Mika's the only person who'd ever GET this from Jenny (and I mean the *only*!), but unfortunately it also would just encourage him because he finds it entertaining to see that he has pissed her off that much.
(I'd hope Jenny's response to his reaction - and that she never did this again- gives you an idea of how rarely Mika responds to anything like a normal person. :roll:)

Rest assured SOMEONE has slapped the bastard, even if she apologized immediately after/wasn't angry with him, really. Jenny's not a doormat despite how much crap she puts up with from Mika.. he's exceptional; she's a teacher.. she has to know how to stand up for herself. And she does. Even if she doesn't get agitated/provoked into it usually ('cept here).

Again, apologize for quickness.. this was really rough and done without reference of Bogus handy ;___; Forgive me Diana! *dies*
I'm so rusty with my pens.. and I forgot how much work it was until here. :|

Bogus and the #ea-lec -- :icondiana-hnd:
Jenny and Mika -- myself (genji-rose)
diana-hnd Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hit him, Jenny, one more time! :crazy: *gets shot*
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June 9, 2011
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