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EA-LEC: Rooftop Scramble 3 by Absolute-Sero EA-LEC: Rooftop Scramble 3 by Absolute-Sero
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We meet.. Shadow-Stalker!
Could this be who killed Scotty?!  What's his deal, why would he attack a passers-by.. who might be innocently taking a stroll through some pretty dirty and often-narrow back alleys..  *cough*

As I get more comfortable with my pencils and fall into a rhythm, the backgrounds tend to improve I notice. They seem fine on-paper but when scanned they seem so much more blank. :|  I can't win, I want to just practice comics more but.. the perfectionist in me wants to do more complete backgrounds.

Fun fact time!
Kitsunes (Lilac's species) are a lucky bunch in terms of their senses. It's a fairly well-known set of facts that their sense of smell and hearing are far-improved over humans, more like that of dogs/wolves/canines (and some of them even surpass those depending on how much hunting they do).  A lesser-known fact is the 'instinct' kitsunes seem to get, something that seems to unsettle humans in how it gives them heightened reaction response times. 
But there's a science to this of-sorts.  The kitsune tails are quite like limbs, and sensitive to shifts in air currents. It's something that kitsunes don't even consciously think about, they just might have that split-second advantage because, even if somebody appeared behind them suddenly.. you still move through the air, and it's an unconscious response for them to pick up on it. 
Despite the possibility of having three tails to be injured (which to a kitsune is not unlike having arm or leg injuries) Lilac is likely hypersensitive due to the senses that her tails afford her.


Shadow-Stalker -- diana-hnd
Lilac -- myself (Absolute-Sero)
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