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EA-LEC: Rooftop Scramble 15 by Absolute-Sero EA-LEC: Rooftop Scramble 15 by Absolute-Sero
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I know, a modern person who doesn't carry a phone!  It's not like she just got to Elarthe either.  Lilac though operates on stealth frequently, so having a phone is something of a liability.
... Buuuut when it's better people don't know who you're working for, best to find an alternative to one of many tavern waiters flag you down for a job.

The middle-panel felt tricky, but I hope it's apparent that neither Gloriana nor Lilac can see Erme above them listening in. As a half-spirit, she's invisible, and it's not like a spirit's gonna leave a scent for Lilac to pick up on.
And while it was a while back now, the drawing in the lower part -- that was done by Erme as a clue to Lilac being the thief in a previous story, before she was working with Gloriana. It never did get drawn so I had to pull it out of nowhere and guess at how accurate the drawing of Lilac would be. :|

What is scribbled down on the post-it note for Dorian will be seen later, probably.. :plotting:

I am burnt out now, need sleep.

Gloriana, Erme, Dorian Gray -- :icondiana-hnd:
Lilac -- myself (Absolute-Sero)
diana-hnd Featured By Owner May 18, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nicely done, and rather quick too!
Interesting choice of panelling for the action scenes, I managed to follow where I'm supposed to read. Although, some of the action scenes could benefit from a wide panel or two, especially the "I believe I can fly" one. :P
I hope you got some much needed rest and vegetation for all the good work you did here~ :D
Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I agree, totally! That panel particularly I was not happy with when I was finishing the page.. but from the idea 'better luck next time' I managed to excuse it and leave it, so that I could keep moving on my comics >___<;  Though it's sorta why I've been doing pencil comics, to learn through those mistakes.

Vegetating is over. Time to go back to work, because I'm the energizer bunny :purpelblur: by Helen-Baq
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May 15, 2016
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