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EA-LEC: Rooftop Scramble 1 by Absolute-Sero EA-LEC: Rooftop Scramble 1 by Absolute-Sero
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I decided I'd share ONE page early.. just one to follow-up with the introduction to diana-hnd's entry "The Growing Briar". This way I can light a fire under my own butt to get my damn pages out quicker. >_>;
The rest will follow after you've all seen the side from Dorian Gray and his Family's perspective.. 

Lilac has a variety of supplies she's accumulated, and takes what she is more likely to need. As she prefers to move quickly, she doesn't always bring much (as seen in Allergies) since it can slow her down or get in the way.. but a last-minute call with little idea what to expect?  She decides it's probably worth a little extra weight, in the bag which I know I'm going to regret creating for her to wear on missions such as this.

Another version of this a-la Lilac's employers, including the phone call that is referenced to:
The Growing Briar    (beginning, there are 4 parts)

For some reason the pages aren't really scanning well, and the first couple are probably a little over-brightened. I'm using this entry to see if I want to keep doing my pages in pencil or if pen is worth the extra energy to make them look cleaner.


Gloriana (mention) -- :icondiana-hnd:
Lilac -- myself (Absolute-Sero)
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