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EA-LEC: Hangover-2 by Absolute-Sero EA-LEC: Hangover-2 by Absolute-Sero

EA:LEC Mission #15 - The Hangover

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One of the many times I say to myself repeatedly 'you have to suck it up and draw this even if it sucks' because it's the only way I'll challenge myself. Bear with my horrible perspective/anatomy. Running out of time to fix things didn't help either. Thus the 'clang' panel that was meant to be Kira smashing two pieces of metal together (which isn't great on the ears even normally :dead: ).

First two -- Allysdelta's Sierra,  and Taichan02's Yue!
They were surprisingly fun to draw.  I don't know what might have brought Yue to wake up outside and in such a playground... but I'm glad to have done a cameo even if it was really rushed.

The next few, going from left-to-right --
Tinyhammer's Spot,  and uotome's  Oswald and Ellen!
Hopefully Tiny doesn't mind, I figured I'd just throw Spot in 'cuz I wanted to and he and Ellen know one another </3   Sorta wish I could have done a little more on these three, image-wise, but.. TIME. It's not my friend.
Uotome, I wasn't 100% sure what Ellen would say and didn't have time to check with you when I realized I should. Forgive me ;-;

The last image of the wings is improved vs the last time I attempted to draw the wings phasing in like that, I think. Ideally I'd have been doing more actual reference but for one panel that I didn't even draw until yesterday.. it wouldn't have been finished. :XD:
Kira, Daemon, and Mika -- myself (Absolute-Sero)

[Other characters' creators are mentioned above.]

For the ea-lec
Tinyhammer Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2015
Wow, Spot looks like dignified in your style. :D Thanks a lot for the cameo!

Also, you just couldn't resist putting the door thing because of Uotome, huh? :XD:

Also, I had actually forgotten that Daemon was a bartender... Too bad... She seems like a bunch to write for...
Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awww, well glad it is passable ^^; I had to rush a lot to get it done in-time so I wish I'd been able to design a more interesting cameo spot.
And NOPE. Because fighting a door is always in-style. xD

Daemon is... interesting, sometimes easy and sometimes tough to write for for me. I can't post much publicly about her as I'd like because she's part of a series I haven't started yet. But to keep things simple, Daemon sometimes plays different roles depending on what she or others need. Beyond that it's easier to explain over note if you're ever curious (and then I don't spoil my comic for people who might later on read it XD).
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