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EA-LEC: Fire-Fight 5 by Absolute-Sero EA-LEC: Fire-Fight 5 by Absolute-Sero

Finally! Delays getting this part done brought to you by insomnia, a horrible weekend in which all the work computers were down, and my own issues getting my focus back.  We're entering the part of the entry that earned it its nickname. >8D

Another page is 95% done and will be chucked up in a couple days or so while I try and motor through the last two after it.

As I tried to make very clear, since it will be a theme bound to be seen more than a few times with any of the kitsunes.. they have evolved to deal with pain unlike human races.  They haven't had much choice over the course of their history, with everything trying to kill them off at one point or another. So it's not just Kira soldiering-up to fight/move around with a broken arm; her races produces more natural painkillers and adrenaline than humans do, which can be advantageous in many circumstances - once those kick in she literally feels a great deal less pain. But the disadvantage, as will likely be mentioned more than once, is that sometimes it makes kitsunes a little shorter-tempered/agitated.. they are entirely aware of this and still don't always catch themselves.

Might seem unrealistic to us, but it's their culture. With healing magic being a rare luxury for any clan, and kitsunes being too active to generally spend more time resting than they need to, it's fortunate they also stabilize/heal faster than humans (with the exception of burn wounds). For instance, Kira's arm might be healed on its own in less than a third of the time it would take for a humanoid (and that's if she didn't go to get it healed magically).
It's fortunate 'cuz.. otherwise their race might be extinct already from their own restlessness + inability fully recuperate before resuming daily routines... 8P

I should also reiterate that the kitsune tails in the last panel.. they have to be agitated/spooked quite a lot to get it THAT fluffed-out. Much like some cats. Their tails are generally smooth and slender.  Lilac's have a bit more width because there's a *little* extra fur, since she grew up in a winter region, but same idea still.
But with the threat of fire so close.. Kira's got ample reason to be wary. :stare:

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Gloriana, Charcoal -- :icondiana-hnd:
Kira, Lilac -- myself (Absolute-Sero)

For the ea-lec
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January 15, 2017
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