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EA-LEC: Fire-Fight 4 by Absolute-Sero EA-LEC: Fire-Fight 4 by Absolute-Sero

Once again, Narshe's 'real' form can go suck a brick, and I will always hate drawing it. c:
It's not deja-vu, Lilac this time is spared a burn injury thanks to Gloriana's generosity -  the last panel, if it weren't clear, is the amulet (seen first in this page here) under her shirt. She has a necklace overtop that I chose to leave out for that panel, and I think when I was drawing that sketch the panel was designed differently anyway.. oh well.

I figured it was sorta apparent, but in case you wonder, the grey is my trade-off for fog - I could have made it white but the effect against a white background........ yeah.
I enjoy Silent Hill 2 far too much.

I'd love to get the rest of this entry done before I leave for a holiday trip to see my family, but the odds are falling. Thankfully when I do get entries done I'm getting them done in pairs, so if I can get another batch done, it should be two more pages. This one was actually ready at the same time as the last entry, but I held off so I'd have something to post mid-week. It's almost like *gasp* having a buffer. :faint:

:bulletred:  Part 1
:bulletred:  Part 2
:bulletred:  Part 3
:bulletred: Part 4
:bulletred: Part 5
:bulletred: Part 6
:bulletred:  Part 7
:bulletred: Part 8 (end)

Gloriana -- diana-hnd
Lilac, Narshe, Kira -- myself (Absolute-Sero)

For the ea-lec
diana-hnd Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You know, thinking about Kira's gauntlets, I just realized - there needs to be just enough density in the metal, for it to be even shaped into a usable weapon. She's actually walking around with that much metal about her arms - she would have quite a strong person, or at least, be able to throw a really strong/painful punch! O.o

Once again, Narshe's 'real' form can go suck a brick, and I will always hate drawing it. c:

I don't envy you having to draw those details, but he sure got wicked wings and appendages!
Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Kira's gauntlets - good observation, you're somewhat correct there!  The way her metal-shifting works is that the metal becomes quite unique to kitsune metalworkers when it's been broken-in like her gauntlets have. (Broken-in metal is able to be shifted way, way faster than something she's not worked with before.) She can actually adjust the density of that metal without changing the size/shape to a great extent. Which is good, because those gauntlets, wherever she wears them, have a deceivingly high amount of metal ready to go in there - much more than it looks like. If it weren't for her ability to control density and thus the weight of them, she'd likely be barely able to lift even one of them. But since she can change density, she can adjust them to be lighter or heavier.
For trivia purposes I'll mention Kira used those gauntlets to strengthen her arms when she was younger, by getting used to the weight and making it a bit heavier every so often. Conditioning, I suppose? :meow:

Yesssss... Narshe isn't fun to draw. I imagine to some discerning eyes, he's sorta like a creepy monster from 18+ anime shows.  Those appendages are just too much like tentacles, and once you think of that you can't unthink it.. >_<
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