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EA:LEC - Daemon by Absolute-Sero EA:LEC - Daemon by Absolute-Sero

Oh, you want to fight me?  Cute.  Step into my office then..

HAHAHAHAHA - yessss.. she's coming into the League. Meet Daemon, one of the late-appearing characters in Dark's Watch. Not only do I want to exercise her a bit more, I thought she'd be a fun one to have in the League.

I don't think I need to put up a full ref, so look for her info below! Since Dark's Watch isn't up yet, I have kept public details down to a minimum - private notes are an option if more info's needed. :meow: 

Daemon's weaponry and clothes will vary a LOT, as she rarely carries more than a knife or such on herself unless expecting to need it. And she does like clothes so wears a variety across the spectrum so long as it's comfortable and/or suits the place.



Alias:  "Miana" 
(doesn't go by a last name/surname)

Age: ??
( ~16-19 in appearance)

Species:  (?) Human

Height:  5’2”
Weight:  ~90 lbs (slim)
Build: skinny, can easily be mistaken for a boy
        (may be noteworthy that mistaking her gender doesn’t offend her in the slightest) 

Hair:  short, light brown, usually clean but messy
Eyes: hazel with brown and gold flecks

Piercings:  (so many..) 
left-side nose piercing
two lip piercings (ring, spike)
eyebrow piercings (3 on left, 2 on right)
   ear piercings (3 on left, 4 on right)
nape piercing
*  piercings can vary, she seems to get and remove them whenever she feels like it

Tattoos: none
Scars: none


She may be a tiny figure to look at, but Daemon tends to profit off of her opponents underestimating her.  Despite her small frame, she wields large weapons with ease and agility, and is quick to get creative or fight dirty if she needs to. While her speed and senses are above-average, it’s her calm and studious approach to fighting that make her a respectable opponent regardless of how seemingly outmatched she might look.  If she sees a weakness in an opponent’s style, you can bet she will suckerpunch them right there (literally or not).

Fighting aside, Daemon is a seemingly laid-back individual, occasionally charming -- in the sort of way you’d expect from a snarky teenager.  She has no lack of confidence about her body and herself, and is virtually impossible to intimidate (ergo provoking her into a fight may take some work opposed to just cutting to the chase).  The girl is fairly fond of playing dumb so she can violently pull the rug out from under others’ feet. She’s a phenomenal actress, but occasionally the façade she bears may flicker, and a predator’s calculative mannerism can be seen lurking below, waiting. However she either dismisses requests to know about her history or makes up bald-faced lies for those who insist, so little can be said about her aside from her history in Elarthe.

While she seems to like wandering, which could be dismissed as simply being adventurous.. Daemon’s got a knack for appearing in places she shouldn’t be but somehow gets into all the same. She’s usually neutral up until she’s got a reason (or offer) to be otherwise.
But don’t expect to be able to buy her help with money or precious items.



Weaponry and combat of most varieties.  Daemon’s knowledgeable of old weapons and new, and can find bare-handed. Even with very new weapons she hasn’t used, she tends to be quick to catch on. She'd say it's merely one of her hobbies, though her fluency begs for other reasons.

Agility and high senses.  While nowhere near as fast as some supernatural beings, she’s fleet-of-foot and has better sight, hearing, and sense of smell than humans. Her ‘sixth sense’ is particularly good.

Strength.  For her size, she’s much stronger than she looks, which can be seen when she wields weapons that should encumber her but don’t. Demonstrated is a large war axe, but she can manage to pick up and use many an object that appears too big to weaponize.

Minor shapeshifting.   This isn’t broadcasted, but in a private scuffle or when alone, she can shift her appearance for physical alterations. This manifests in two varieties, either changing her human appearance (eye colour, hair colour/length, a bit of height), or allowing her to wield a set of claws and very sharp teeth. The former is kept on the down-low, the latter more likely to be used in a fight.

Poisons/toxins ineffective.   Daemon’s blood nullifies anything that might be ingested, breathed in, injected, or absorbed through the skin. 

Weak Points

Size.   She is small, and though it makes her fast and less of a target, brute strength can throw her around.

No magical defense.   Unless she has picked up something to protect herself with (an enchanted item or similar) she can’t do much against magic.  There is an exception, magic cannot be placed on her for a long period of time, as it inexplicably will begin to fade.

Occasionally prone to fatigue.    Daemon is not the sort to go into a fight without her strength up, but under certain (seemingly random) circumstances, she can be comparatively weaker and slower than usual. Reasons for this are known only to her so for opponents this may be completely randomized.


Sore Spots

As said before, Daemon’s very difficult to get under the skin of.. but one of her ‘no-no’s is frequent meddling. Those who impede her from doing what she wants more than a couple of times may have to pay up for their errors later.

While hardly a feminist, she’s not fond of sexism, and if it’s aimed at her, expect trouble. A lot of trouble. And possibly bloodshed.

Assorted notes    (things that won't fit anywhere else)

-Daemon cannot be possessed by ghosts/spirits. Why is for her to know 8D
-While not seen so much in combat, she has remarkable resilience, and can heal from injuries that may have killed a human being. Mostly at the normal rate, though.. mostly
-Knows a startling number of human languages.

(More info may be added as seen fit/revealed..)

Daemon -- Absolute-Sero (myself)
Elarthe, EA:LEC - ea-lec

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