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EA-LEC: Blair by Absolute-Sero EA-LEC: Blair by Absolute-Sero
About freaking time I got somebody new involved in #ea-lec (who's not an NPC)! A couple friends may already know this fellow(?)..
I feel compelled to say here that Blair's pose is meant to be that lovely finger wag/nah-ah-ah combination you get when you're being corrected. It may or may not have been spurned on by FF6. Those finger wags are freaking cute. ♥)

SO! The deal with Blair here is that I wanted to post this to ensure that I DO get him in the league. But.. I will not be starting any challenges until after his introduction is complete!. Anybody wanting to challenge him later though.. do feel free to let me know. I wanted to have this up to spurn myself to keep going on participating in the League and just for interest, if there was anybody wanting to challenge him, later. I'll gladly talk over and get the idea for any collabs or matches going before his intro. :3
:bulletred: Blair will NOT take direct fighting challenges. Other than that though, be creative, lots of other challenges he could/would/will take. :heart:


Age: unspecified; if in this form, looks late teenage.

Species: unspecified.

Height/Gender/Weight: varies, decided to revert to male as default.
---- Often, in addition to this appearance, he also gives himself a set of black wings!

What is he?
This will be fully explained later, as I fully intend on having his introduction showcase what exactly he is. However I'll break it down - Blair is a shapeshifter who is capable of changing himself into a wide variety of things. Gender, height, weight, appearance, scent, skills.. he can warp himself to suit his needs. This does mean that Blair can give himself abilities like breathing fire (dragons), teleportation/floating (pixies/fairies), poisonous fangs/claws (snakes), underwater breathing (any aquatic mammal), etc. Even something dead (vampires). And he'd gain strengths in the same manner (rolling with the dragon theme; if he were transformed into a dragon, he'd be resilient to flame depending on the type and his skin would be nigh-impenetrable). Except for true magic, such as the kind Mika and Jenny use.
If he transforms to something with supernatural abilities (dragons for instance) it is highly energy-consuming compared to merely shifting his body shape, so it's not something he does lightly. How much energy depends on what it is, and while it's not always the case, larger creatures tend to take more out of him. (For example.. back to dragons again. Changing into a full-blown dragon as they exist in his world would mean probably several hours or more before he's ready to change back. Vampires would be a day or two. It varies a lot..) Blair's shapeshifting is also permanent, and he will not change back if KO'ed or killed, and if he lacks the energy and can't change to something else, he's probably in trouble. On that note, Blair could look however he wants, but over time he's picked this appearance and, at encouragement from others, stuck to it so people know who the heck he is.

Blair's capacity also allows him to transform into plant-life - there's a limit as to how small he can go, but it's something he can and has done. This is done with care, however, as he loses the ability to defend himself to some degree - and it isn't always useful. As in his description in the pic, he can imitate inanimate objects, whether this is merely changing himself to blend into a wall like a chameleon.. or turning himself outwardly into a desk-lamp. This is risky like transforming into plants, though, and unstable if he moves, so it's a very temporary transformation.

Last note.. regarding clothes. (Always a thought when it comes to shapeshifters. *coughErroneouscough*) If he isn't rushed, Blair transforms with his clothes - but if he's hurried, they don't transform with him. With an exception: that robe he's wearing is enchanted, and any time he's planning to be shapeshifting for a while, he uses it. It was crafted especially for him, and will always transform with him and give him something to cover up with and keep warm/shade himself. But.. Blair does go without it, and as could be expected, he's not terribly afraid to go without clothes if it comes down to that... even if others are understandably uncomfortable. ^^;
Also he'll wear different clothes than this, including shirts and whatnot - but he's pretty comfortable going shirtless, and doesn't get cold as easily as you'd expect. One thing he does tend to do is go barefoot, as shoes seriously annoy the hell out of him.

Despite the youthful appearance, Blair is quite an adult, even if mischievous at times. Usually amiable, except around Mika (long story short, the two do not get along). Tends to be relatively warm and quick with humor in effort to cheer someone up. His ability to keep his mouth shut when comments aren't necessary.. it comes at goes, so sometimes things end up spoken by him that don't need to be spoken. If he thinks he's right, he's a hard one to talk down, and is very stubborn and reluctant to let grudges go.
Possibly due to his energy, he can get into trouble (or at least cause it for others) at times, including but not limited to minor thievery, pranks, and snooping. Though he puts this to good use as well - where he comes from, Blair served as a spy, and claims he was a very good one.
When his typically witty nature is cast aside, he's quite a loyal friend once he trusts somebody, and even warmer despite the tendency to make himself seem aloof. Though Blair's manner can come across as lazy or uneducated, he is far from either. And as stated above, he's charming, even charismatic at some times. This usually isn't a bad thing, but he's fairly good with reading people, and sometimes.. sooometimes he can take advantage of a situation without really meaning to. It's something he would likely be willing to (grudgingly) apologize for later though.

Oh yes, and Blair is fairly comfortable with flirting with different genders and species (since he doesn't go into his own). I'm sure that's a big surprise. XD;; Pffffft.

Undisclosed yet.. >:3

The shapeshifting skills described above - he can change his form pretty on-the-fly and without exhausting himself if it's not overly complicated. This enables him to travel however quickly he wants, practically, and also to evade detection or lose people if he's caught. Strengths can vary depending on what shape he's taken (eyesight, sense of smell, hearing, power, etc).

Blair has a small resilience to magic, due to his species - not that nothing can effect him, but a spell or enchantment must be about 3x as strong to have an effect upon him.
Also does not fall ill from normal sickness or diseases, potentially because his body changes so drastically all the time.

Shapeshifting is a double-edged sword - his form can determine what his weak points are just like his strengths.

Blair is definitely not a combatant in normal situations.. he's a scrapper, not a trained fighter. While he's learned how to use some weapons, he's not always good with them, with the exception of simple knives/daggers. He's as dangerous as anyone caught in a corner will be when forced to fight.

Those with the ability to sense ghosts/spirits may also be able to recognize him. Blair physically changes form to an extreme, but does have a mild spiritual aura - though difficult to pick up on- which can identify him.

More will be revealed on him later!
Feel free to send me questions via private note if you have any :meow:
About 3-4 hours in SAI; a few minutes to edit in PS for transparency

Blair -- :iconabsolute-sero: (myself)
The league template and :iconea-lec: -- :icondiana-hnd:
diana-hnd Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Eeee, it's Blair! :heart: I do so love his pose here, it really emphasizes his character as charming/easy-going. X3


Oh wow, he could even turn into a vampire? O.O Now that's something!


Blair's capacity also allows him to transform into plant-life.


Oh goodness... When I read that... I think of this:…


*gets machine-gunned*


Overall, I know I'm looking forward to seeing his intro entry~ :heart:

Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awww, glad you like him now - he's got to end up being a pain for somebody so enjoy him while he still seems cute. :XD:

Not far from the truth, albeit for understandable reasons he doesn't really part-transform when it comes to plant-life. That part of his abilities was inspired by a very old book I picked up when I was younger, about what I recall was a dryad capable of transforming from human-like with plant-like qualities to a full-on tree. :3 -the more you know-

This took forever SO SORRY. I slacked off in commenting on way too much. >_<
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