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EA-LEC: Allergies 6 by Absolute-Sero EA-LEC: Allergies 6 by Absolute-Sero

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A little less-than-pleased with the flow of the page, but I just want to keep moving on it. There's not much I can do for it that wouldn't involve redrawing the whole damn thing, and that's not worth my time/energy atm.
These pages pass quickly on account of Gloriana and Lilac's business relationship being relatively new.. Lilac isn't normally one for chatter, and less so with someone she's not familiar with/trustworthy of. It'll be good to have her letting her guard down a little.. if, in future, she happened to.. ;P

I like Manga Studio's text bubbles and how easy they are to make/change. I like less using the tools for sound effects/gestures.. feel like I had a bit more control over what I wanted in Photoshop there. It might mean one of the rare occasions Photoshop excels over MS.. or just that I have to learn a lot yet. Pages are taking less time to crank out, so it's a good sign in the learning curve I hope.

Can you spot where I had to do damage control on account of inking in a mistake?  I can. Don't line when you're getting loopy from sleep, boys and girls.. you miss obvious things. >.<

Lilac -- myself (Absolute-Sero)
Gloriana, Elarthe, the world of ea-lec -- :icondiana-hnd:
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September 18, 2015
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