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EA-LEC: Allergies 2 by Absolute-Sero EA-LEC: Allergies 2 by Absolute-Sero

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I have a bad case of "I can't settle on how much work I want to put into each page".
So these will be a work-in-progress. I just needed practice drawing vs writing.  At some point I darkened the sketches too much, but when I opened the document to finish it after not touching it for 2 weeks, it was too late to fix it. Uups.

Sort-of a transition in the first handful of panels, I doubt I got that very well. Lilac CAN fight, but why take the risk if she can sneak in and out without being caught?
We've already seen Jem and Lilac use her shadowcasting to blind people, and it's a useful skill to have. Technically she could probably do more than blind the gentleman here.. perhaps which could be guessed by how a bit of Jem curls around the man's throat.. but she'd need more reason to do so.. >83
And the title, by-the-by, will become more apparent starting on the next page and onward~ :mwahaha:

Hopefully the rest of these pages will be up sooner rather than later - the bulk of the work is done on the pages, they just largely need to be scanned and prettied-up in Manga Studio. :meow:  I was on a roll with drawing the pages while on vacation back home.

Lilac Ambrose (and 'man wearing a tie', since he wasn't given a name) - myself (Absolute-Sero)
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September 7, 2015
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