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Dark's Watch - PROL-4 by Absolute-Sero Dark's Watch - PROL-4 by Absolute-Sero
Dark's Watch


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And we are back to Val, whom you saw a younger version of on the first page (flip back and note the different hair).  Although Dark's Watch has numerous protagonists and follows more than one perspective.. Val is probably the closest to 'the' main character if there were one.
Also, meet Jackal, a crow who is possibly a better watchdog than a dog. :la:

That's it for the prologue!  I am taking a - hopefully relatively brief - hiatus to get a few pages done (excluding the chapter cover) before I start up again. These pages were a lot of work, but the settings in the next chapter are background and crowd-heavy and will test me even more. I'll be drawing a lot of things I'm not used to drawing, and while it's not going to stop me from trying, it'll take longer.

This was the original idea when I started drawing pages, to have a buffer.. but it's taken on a new significance since I'm now moving in the fall. If I have a couple pages to spare, I should hopefully be able to post a page in the chaos that will ensue during travel.  We'll see what happens though, a few months is a surprisingly long time for other things to happen!

Hopefully readers will bear with me and wait for the fun to REALLY start.. :fuzzydemon:

this page made me REALLY hate drawing grass.. *DED*

The story of Dark's Watch and its characters are the creative work of S "SERO" Dachuk.
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