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DW - you boys.. by Absolute-Sero DW - you boys.. by Absolute-Sero

Poor Jasmine gets to be the third wheel to Cameron and Val's bickering just way too often..

Last of the Dark's Watch chibis (I think..), Jasmine [left], Cameron [middle], and Val [right] (Valhalla). They worked better as a trio than a pair, otherwise one of them would have been left in the cold. Couldn't have that. XD
Yes, Val was made that pale on purpose. He is naturally pale which is only made worse because he and his mum share a pretty light skintone. Cam was meant to be average in comparison, as he's pretty damn healthy compared to Val. Oh yes-- and you're not seeing things, Cam got a haircut. He probably gets a few throughout the story, as hair DOES grow after all! This was the first sketch of him with shorter hair. Bear in mind, Cam actually has preen a little bit to get his hair like that.. it's not naturally straight >:3

Jaz and Cam, in the story, have been friends since they were kids, and Jasmine has stuck by Cameron despite the bad rumours that go around about him and her (and just him). She ends up befriending Val and Nia, and seeing as Cameron also made a point to befriend Nia - thinking he'd be able to one-up Val- it forced the two boys into a position where they had to be nice. In that they kept their fighting limited to verbal sparring matches and creative titles for each other, as seen here. Val is London-born and still has a slight accent in his tone, so it's easy to guess that he lived in London until he was 10. Cameron on the other hand is American by birth, however his family is French (I believe his grandfather moved to the US from France).

Tidbits: Val's clothing style varies quite a bit! Val dresses more American-style to blend in at school, but outside of school he goes for more mature fashions. He also tends to not go overboard with wearing very loose shirts while at school, but at home he will often wear shirts which are much looser on his body, even if it makes him look more skinny than he already is. And if he has to wear grungy-type clothing to not attract attention, he will.. Not foreshadowing at all. Nope.. c8
Cameron's shirt I didn't get to draw fully, but it says "COFFEE ... then we'll talk". xD
about 10-12 hours, mostly done in SAI, saved in PS for transparency.

Jasmine Crosswood, Cameron LeVeaux, Val Rivers and the concepts for Dark's Watch are (c) to *Absolute-Sero
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