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DW: sketch trivia by Absolute-Sero DW: sketch trivia by Absolute-Sero
If I could right alt-text for this image, this's what it would say: "Probably more rambling about my silly project than you actually are interested in hearing."

I wanted to have this done yesterday, but just writing all that trivia took longer than the sketches, really. Good thing I didn't force myself to finish it last night - I wouldn't have been in bed until 7 AM!

I think I've basically said all I needed to in the commentary at the top, so hopefully this can go a couple days without needing to be edited. ( I'm submitting this right before I pack up my art computer and move back to Vancouver for 10 months! :nuu: )

Not featured are Lory, Izel, Annabelle, and Arielle, along with many, many secondary characters. I was focusing on the main high-schoolers here, and none of those four are in high school, though they have important ties to the story as well. Sooner or later I'll get sketches and trivia up for them. The point was to give you teasers of who everyone is, so I can draw the characters in future without watchers asking 'who dat?' too many times, hee hee. ♥

EDIT: trivia for the remaining 4 is available to view here!

Sketches drawn in SAI, 15-60 minutes per sketch.
Trivia and borders added in PS CS2.

Dark's Watch is an upcoming online comic being written and drawn by myself (genji-rose).
diana-hnd Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I find it surprising that sweet-looking Jasmine could be best friends with Cameron, considering his volatile temperament. :O

Oh, so that's why Val was called like that! ... Valhalla. Call me mean, but I have a feeling that some kids would poke fun at that. ^^;
Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You and many others, for sure. :XD: Another reason that if left unchecked, rumours fly about them both.

Yeah, Val is only called by his full name by stuffy relatives of his and when he's in trouble. You're right, but he can be poked fun at for other reasons anyway so usually his name is forgotten after the other insults are thought up, hehe. (Plus he doesn't care anymore 'cuz he's heard the fun being poked at him for so long. XDDD; )
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September 2, 2011
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