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DW - punks, both of them. by Absolute-Sero DW - punks, both of them. by Absolute-Sero

It's not an unfair title - mostly in terms of style, not behaviour. Though can't say Trent (left) and Daemon (right) aren't without some attitude. :B

Trent's well-known to be the school sneak, despite his wild haircolour, rattail, many piercings and really mish-mash clothing style. And he's GOOD at digging up dirt, so though he usually gets snide comments from the popular crowd, people generally leave him alone otherwise. You don't tamper with someone who can find out what you, your cat, and your mama do at home. Trent is actually pretty chummy with Adrian, though, and the two see each other at the tracks on the outskirts of town.
Daemon is quite bold and outgoing despite her tiny figure. She dresses down at school.. a little.. but she's very confident and comfortable in her own skin. Personality-wise she's equally outgoing - she essentially has no fear, and certainly no care as to what people think of her. Her energetic and seemingly fun-loving nature makes her pretty casual with most students at Terran Heights, although the 'cool' crowd (especially Carmen's clique) think and try to spread around the fact that she's a freak. She's one odd bird, and her home life is a mystery even Trent can't get his hands on.

The cigarette is for anyone who thinks Val's smoking habit is bad -- Val only smokes rarely when he's stressed-out.. Trent smokes several times a day 8| Bad boy.

Still doing chibis if anyone wants a pair of their OCs/fancharacters/whomever for the holidays! :heart: $10 for 1, $15 for a couple, and I can do larger batches on request.
Around 12 hours (I got distracted a lot), mostly in SAI

Trent Olwen, Daemon Bond, and the concepts for Dark's Watch are (c) to *Absolute-Sero
Mikkhos Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Trent's hair is pretty damn cool. Just saying. AND THOSE FRAYED JEANS. What a nice detail.
I like your chibi style. ;; I want to try and draw more again. If I ever stop feeling frustrated with it. 0:<
Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well that's nice of you - mostly everyone thinks he's a weirdo for having hair like that. I think he brings back fond memories of a classmate who had a rattail..

PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT. Your chibis are better than mine. Period, end-of-story. I just goof around and attempt them now and then because they're easy. xD
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November 27, 2012
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