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DW - Fateful
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"fateful" is described in one dictionary as having momentous significance or consequences... figured it would fit here just fine as the title.... 8]

More promotional art for Dark's Watch, the WIP graphic novel/comic I have been working on for a couple of years now. This one features Lory River (left) and Izel (right) (aka 'Isaac Valenzuela').

There is symbolism in this piece, but I'm not answering any questions. I'll let why and how they know one another be seen, not told here. :heart: Take what you will from the quote and start guessing now, especially from the quote and what I've said at this point about Lory. Fufufu~

I should say though that they are the same height, though with Lory's posture he seems to look a bit taller when he's not.
Lines in MS 4EX; colours in PS CS2;
About 6-7 hours.

Dark's Watch, Lory, and Izel -- *Absolute-Sero (myself)
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