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Crime scene giggles by Absolute-Sero Crime scene giggles by Absolute-Sero
So.. while this conversation played in episode 1, THIS is what went through my head. This practically drew itself (albeit poorly).
Direct quote from the BBC series "Sherlock".

Someday when I feel more talented.. I think I'd like to do REAL fanart for this series. Compared to this 20-minute doodle. I never feel very strong compulsions to do fanart, so that oughta say something about it. I'd recommend watching/renting it if you can, see whatcha think. I rarely get into TV series so this was a find for me.

.... Honestly, I watch this and though I do love the real bromance there (well, as much as can be had with Sherlock) and appreciate it for just that.. I ship these two in my head bad. I can't help it.
Oh, episode 2 kills my fantasies. It's heartbreaking to see John dating someone else.

OH YEAH. Since my last name actually IS 'Watson' [can you read my signature?], if you have jokes, spit them out nowww. Gah. xD

The series "Sherlock" -- BBC
Based off of Conan Doyle's series of Sherlock Holmes, of course! :3
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Sanwall Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2010
Yay, you've watched this, too!
(And those two are WAY too easy to ship, girlfriend or no girlfriend. We all know you're just overcompensating, John! :D)

Seriously, this show is soo good. They have to make the sequels now, talk about a cliffhanger! O_O
Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wondered if you'd seen it, since I remember your fanart from the movie Sherlock Holmes.. and yes, you're right, those two.. Easy to ship. Even knowing the 'high-functioning sociopath' part about Sherlock.. (and I think the modern atmosphere and more openly suggestive humor just makes it that much easier)

I think they've scheduled the new season/episodes for next fall - you'll probably get to see them before I do since you can probably see it broadcast on its original channel? (There'll be a delay seeing them in US/Canada, no doubt ;__; )
Sanwall Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2010
I think my fanart was for the books, not the movie... But I don't remember =P
When I see Sherlock and John interact, I can't helo but think "WHAT would Freud say?" and he'd probably say a lot about soldiers and loneliness and stuff and I would giggle :D

And, no, sadly BBC doesn't broadcast in Finland :( Man, I wish they'd take in more BBC-programmes, but we're lucky if they take on any good shows, really :/
Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I.. I don't remember either. But I think the movies/books/series generally have similar appearances. I think. Otherwise it's quite the coincidence.
The chemistry just begs for them to be shipped.. I mean, I love the partnership of them as it is, but.. But. ..... *nosebleed*
I really should read the novels, which I sadly have not. *shame*

I understand.. I don't watch much TV and suspect the better series I would be more interested in watching are all on channels that need subscriptions. Luckily Sherlock should air on a common channel here, but.. we won't get it for a while. </3

Of course for those of us who don't get BBC, there's always online streaming - I'm surely going to try it when next fall rolls around :3
Sanwall Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2010
Well, the new movie with Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law isn't like the books or the other movie/TV-adaptions out there. It's not very classic Sherlockian, but boy, is it fun to watch! (And Downey Jr a and Law practically beg to be shipped as well. Not kidding, they act like a married couple all the time on screen - and even off-screen sometimes =P)

And yes, you should read the novels. They beg to be shipped there too (I mean, they walk down the street holding arms, when Watson gets hurt Sherlock goes berserk and they go to Turkish baths together. It's all pretty gay and wonderful :D Oh, and that time Watson thinks Sherlock is mortally sick. Sigh. And don't even get me started on those times when Sherlock has endangered Watson's life. No wonder Watson's wife disappears... ;))

Oh, I found my fanart: [link]
It's from one of the books, and if you read the quote in my comments; well, I have to say it's a really cute moment :)

Yeah, go online streaming XD
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