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Comic - involuntary break-time by Absolute-Sero Comic - involuntary break-time by Absolute-Sero
(For the :icon4th-wall-cafe: )

I've been writing for Nia and Adrian a lot in the part of Dark's Watch I'm at.. and this sorta happened on its own. Even if it's only funny to me, I had to get it out of my head.
Why, oh why did Nia and Adrian turn out to make such a good team. Nia, by-the-way, is a stellar friend and person, but can be a little hellion when she feels like it.

Now the two ladies at the bottom are..
Iris (red-and-black hair, belongs to :icondiana-hnd:)
Louise (short hair/violet eyes, belongs to :iconmangakawa:).
Not only is Lory a lady's man in most cases, he's somewhat attracted to power, and there's no way he wouldn't find those two intriguing and would be happy to strike up some conversation with them. XD; I had to cameo them both as a result. ♥
It probably makes up for that I JUST finished messing with him and somehow ended up barging in on his free time. ... I almost suspect from that smile that he knew something about Nia's plan, the bugger.

I totally cheaped out on my shirt's pattern and the background. I know. :XD:

Time :: ~10 hours to completion
Inked by hand w/ Staedtler + Copic pens;
coloured/touched-up/lettered in CS2.

Louise DeLuca -- *Mangakawa
Iris -- ~diana-hnd
Art and all the other characters -- myself (genji-rose)
diana-hnd Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Eeek! Thar be a Lory, Iris and Louise! :heart:

Hold on, Nia stole the lapt-- Intolerable! D8
*ish an Internet addict* :XD:
Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Louise and Iris were too lovely not to cameo. (;

I KNOW RIGHT? She'd be maimed if she weren't so fast/good at karate.. (So I suppose I'd regret catching up to her even if I could.. XD)

*Internet addict too, lol*
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August 5, 2011
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