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Comic - 'hop-along' by Absolute-Sero Comic - 'hop-along' by Absolute-Sero
(Sorry for the screen-scretch y'all, but please full-view! >__< )

...And what exactly do I say to that? He's RIGHT, consarnit.. it's my own fault for making him a jerk. :|

Had surgery, as I'm sure was very clear by my last picture. And okay, I'm exagerrating about being able to walk (I don't even need crutches around the house now), but leave it to Mika to voice my characters' discontent at my laziness lately. Even if I deserve the right to relax. Normally my characters might be more sympathetic but I've been so attention-deficit even before the surgery that their patience is pretty worn by now. Val and "Kay" (the girl with the purple tie) are representatives of projects I've been trying to get more involved in.. but thanks to leg surgery, haven't been able to stay awake (it's ridiculous how much I've slept lately) or can't sit at my computer for long enough to really accomplish much.

Except this. This is the first thing I've really felt I worked on much since last week. (Never meant it to be more than a doodle but.. it grew.) Fingers crossed that I get more done now that I'm feeling a bit better.
Val and Kay don't say anything mostly because Mika said it all.. and they're wary of what I might do once I DO get back to work. By the way, the #Afterrealm is a group (worth checking out!), and I'm still finalizing Kay's design for entering it, if I'm welcome. :3

Made mistakes on this because I didn't try hard to fix them (lol anatomy) but damn if I'm not happy with Val's shirt, even if I DID go overboard with the designs, heh.
6-8 hours (lost track), doodled on paper
Drawn in SAI, tweaked in CS2

Characters belong to genji-rose (myself)
diana-hnd Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
These darn buggers just ain't patient, are they? ^^;

Despite being such an arrogant jerk, Mika will -still- get the lurve. Hehehe.

Val and Kay don't say anything mostly because Mika said it all.. and they're wary of what I might do once I DO get back to work.

Proof that pride can make one foolish. Oh boy, Mika. Just wait til ze Sero gets back to the art spree... :mwahaha:

But hey, on a side note, take it easy and get the rest where you can; you DO deserve to slack off. At least for the moment! ^^;

For the record, I want that Val's shirt. :heart:
Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Usually they are but.. they're annoyed by my repeated procrastination (even understanding I have school and all). XD

Oh, you spoil him. And Mika.....
I'm scared to get on his bad side because he's one of the few characters who DOESN'T hate me. >.> Butyouneverheardthat.

I get rest. In fact, I sleep probably an extra 4-7 hours a day because either due to the weather change around here, my sore knee, or both of those.. I can't stay awake long during the day. It's awful. I pass out on the couch, look at the clock at go "AS;LDJAFLSDFKAJ; 5 PM SAY WHAT" ;___;

(Val's shirt is cooler than anything I own.. but it was thought up with one of my own shirts in mind. X3)
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June 22, 2011
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