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Canada Day '11 by Absolute-Sero Canada Day '11 by Absolute-Sero
:flagcanada: Happy Canada Day, to those it applies to! :heart: :flagcanada:
Hope no one partied too hard.. and if so, hope the morning after passes quickly. XDDD

AHAHAHAHAHA. Another example of a simple project that ended up taking 10 hours to finish.
Left-to-right: Jenny, Blair, Talon, Narshe, Vivian, Carmen, and Lory. Not one of them is Canadian, but since their my characters, they can celebrate Canada Day by default. ... That's my excuse anyway. 83

Jenny is implying nothing bad, I assure you.. she will probably be busy ensuring Mika sets no one on fire (or similar). Blair gets a bit nosy even for her, chyaha.
Talon and Narshe just sorta butted in on their own. (Surprise to those who wondered what Talon's human form looked like ;D) Either Talon's that much more cautious than Narshe or he's just not a fan of beer. You decide. Surprisingly, their species can get drunk, with a large volume of alcohol.. just not for long (their bodies metabolize it rapidly). When I think of it... if they were high school/college students, Narshe would definitely be one of the 'cool kids', and Talon would be the responsible one confiscating/stealing all the others' car keys. For sure.
Poor Viv. At 5'1", she's dwarfed by everyone else here, since they're all 5'8" and taller. As a best friend Carmen would usually try to make Viv feel better, but.. hey, it's a funny sight. xD
Lory lamenting what he, as a good older brother, could have done to his sibling when they were younger. Alas, he's too old for that now. I think.

I drew most of this on my laptop and had to make major edits when the colours were uber-bright. It was just scary. Enjoy my quickly-made background [originally I wasn't planning on any, but.. I DIDN'T GET TO SEE THE FIREWORKS THIS YEAR SO MYEH.. I drew crappy fireworks D8< ]

~10 hours;
Drawn/coloured in SAI; touched up in CS2

Characters all belong to myself (genji-rose)

Woot, Canada! 8D
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July 2, 2011
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