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Blackout Banquet -2012- by Absolute-Sero Blackout Banquet -2012- by Absolute-Sero
Please be sure to actually 'full view', this picture is fairly wide even on a widescreen monitor.. but it looks 10100000x better full-viewed properly </333 Thankees!

Forget for a minute that most of these characters come from different universes (some even come from the future-!).. outside, the grandmother of all blizzard rages, forcing people indoors while confining those who were already inside to stay there until the weather improves. Power's out mostly everywhere. A bit of a disappointment for the holidays.. One hotel was generous enough to open doors to those caught outside, and bring out some refreshments and food to cheer up those stranded and staying in the hotel, even using the ballroom used for lavish parties. The pool of characters that resuted is an interesting one, to say the least..
Usually I stick to my own characters, but this year I branched out.. returned to the feel of my original holiday picture in 2007 (go find it if you dare, it's awful!). I dared try something party-like, but I didn't want to just do a party.. no, I needed more interesting circumstances to bring out more interesting individuals. And this resulted.

At the front: Ruga (tall Tethican alien), Nim (the small girl with deep brown eyes) and Izel (yellow eyes) appear to be talking. Nim and Izel do at least, Ruga's eating. [They can't have been here long if Ruga hasn't started to cause some mayhem..] Of the characters in the room, Izel seemed the most likely to be able to maintain conversation with Ruga even if the guy's *cough* lovely vocabulary came into play. Izel's got quite the amazing patience, and he also seemed to me like he'd be interested enough to talk to Nim if he suddenly met two individuals from a world/time such as theirs. While Nim may be a bit of a nerdy girl, Izel's also not one to judge either. He's not really involved in social circles so perhaps he can even relate to a small degree? Who knows..
Sinsen Ruga and Nim Piper Fletes are characters of :iconaxolotl-mafia:, and you can read about them in her story Galaxy Magnolia. It's quite fantastic a story, I'm not usually so taken with sci-fi, but this world has me addicted (:

Behind the front: Iris (the red-and-black haired lady), Daemon (sitting in the widow), and Happy (the stupid dog hiding under the table <3). Iris quite likely has been looking for Happy and has caught up with him. Not in time to keep him from getting into something, judging by the mess he tracked in. Silly dawg! Good thing Happy's too cute to stay mad at, I think.. Daemon is either amused by Happy.. or entertained by how aggravated Iris is at having to go looking for Happy AGAIN. Either way. Also Daemon is probably as aware as I am that anyone close to the window could probably see up her skirt. She.. doesn't care. >_> She's comfortable there and that's the end of it! (Plus who has a chance with her anyway? She thinks she's entirely hot stuff. 8] )
Iris and Happy the dog are characters of :icondiana-hnd:

In the centre: Marise (dark reddish hair with blue eyes), Mortimer (green suit), Jennifer aka "Jenny" (violet hair), and Mika (redhead with translucent wings). I don't know what Marise did, but she's gotten a headstart on Mika and intends to keep it that way. Mika is more than slightly peeved. XD
Jenny meanwhile seems to want to ignore them both so she might have a conversation with Mort. I've actually hoped to draw these two conversing for a while - they both are emotionally restricted individuals and they both also command an air of respect. I imagine Jenny would be fascinated to hear of the Afterrealm that Mort comes from. It's probably far better that Mika's distracted chasing down his teenage daughter.. he tends to spoil otherwise pleasant conversations Jenny has. As a side note, it's likely Jenny's magic that's contributing to the blue candle flames burning around her - the flames burn brighter and will last longer, though she held off lighting them all this way so as to not startle anyone who is uncomfortable with or doesn't know about magic.
I only noticed this as I finished that Marise is very likely about to run into Ruga.. a headstrong and smart-mouthed [but quite powerful] witch and an aggressive Tethican.. NOT a good mixture, I think! Hopefully Mika and Nim can mediate!
Mortimer Graves is the character of :iconallysdelta: and he comes from the #Afterrealm world. ♥

In the background on the right: Adair (blonde) and Marc (curly black hair). These two are by no means social men, and they were most likely among the individuals who had to seek shelter until the weather improves. Likely they only have wine to blend in, as it's quite normal for them both to want to pass without attention. Adair is likely a bit reminded of his years in Russia, and Marc had to move a bit in order to allow Mika to run by.. and who wouldn't be a bit curious at the sight of ethereal wings following an individual? I had to play down the strangeness for these two, as they come from a generally realistic world environment.. though.. even if confronted with such strange sights, neither Adair nor Marc are likely to show surprise.
Not sure if they actually intend to drink the wine in their glasses, though these two are both hyper-intelligent and unlikely to have any issues with getting intoxicated from one glass of wine.
Marc is a character of :iconpinkgraphite:, roleplayed with Adair.

THIS PICTURE IS PROBABLY ABOUT 80+ HOURS OF MY LIFE. I.. am done with it. Even with the mistakes I do see around it. My favourite parts were probably painting Ruga's eyes, Jenny's hair, and -surprise surprise- the candles and champagne bottles. The platters make me want to die on the inside a little. ;__;

Isaac "Izel" Valenzuela, Marise Takata-Ruryoshi, Jennifer Takata, Daemon Bond, Mika Cantin-Ruryoshi, and Adair Katrinkov are my characters. Note that Izel and Daemon come from my WIP graphic novel Dark's Watch and more can be read about them in my gallery if you're interested!
The other fully belong to their respective creators, whom I thank and admire for creating such fascinating people and worlds to read about <3

This is late, but a happy holidays and merry christmas to all - and an early "happy new year" in honour of having survived several 'end of the world' fiascos this year :rofl:
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TheFearMaster Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
i like it ^^ so alive
i would be more than honored to have a good artist like you in :icondigital-titans:
Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! c: Spent way too much time on this image. </3
diana-hnd Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know I already mention but seriously, Iris haiiiirrrr---:heart::heart::heart:

I lurked around *Axolotl-mafia's gallery to learn about Ruga and Nim. Figures it's like Ruga to nom on a gingerbreadman like that; HEAD FIRST. He's probably trying to unsettle Izel. Good luck with that, bro.
Nim is so purdy~:love:

I only noticed this as I finished that Marise is very likely about to run into Ruga.. a headstrong and smart-mouthed [but quite powerful] witch and an aggressive Tethican.. NOT a good mixture, I think! Hopefully Mika and Nim can mediate!

.... Will MIKA bother to mediate? Or would he sit back and watch the fireworks? *gets shot*

I can't blame Jenny for taking a break from Mika and Marise, and just having a pleasant, sophisticated chat with Mortimer. XD

I think.. Daemon is either amused by Happy.. or entertained by how aggravated Iris is at having to go looking for Happy AGAIN.

Looks like it's both. XDDDD

Adair and Marc appear to be most relaxed/stoic pair here. Gotta give them credit for keeping a straight face at the oddity of the crowd here :P

Wow, the attention to the shading and the lighting... Especially on the clothes... THOSE FOLDS. I can really see why it took 80+ hours of your LIFE. I'll have you know I plastered this pic to my desktop. :heart:

Great and detailed pic you have here, Sero, and thanks muchly for drawing my Iris and Happy! :glomp:

And before I forget-- *mashes the fave button*
Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah.. that doesn't seem entirely out-of-character. I think I must have been thinking somewhere in my mind of this picture: [link] :XD:

And WELL. Maybe. Most likely because unlike Happy, Ruga would probably actually hurt Marise, and he takes poorly to that. Though with Jenny in the same room, I'm sure he'd be *slightly* better-behaved (plus I think we both know she'd mediate even if it was very clear who threw the first punch). For some reason now.. I feel like Mika and Ruga do have a similar habit of letting some things go in one ear and out the other as *Axolotl-mafia put it. Much as Nim/Jenny likely wish that were otherwise. XDDDD THOUGH on that thought.. once her magic is factored in, Marise takes damn good care of herself. Maybe Mika would have to ensure she didn't set Ruga (or anyone/anything else) on fire! Or.. worse.. *gigglesnort*
Heh.. yeah.. Jenny needs a mental break from trying to stand up for the trouble that her daughter/fiance cause. Mortimer seemed like a character that she would click with and quickly come to respect. <3

I totally see Daemon also pretending she hadn't noticed anything were Iris to turn around (rather than be caught grinning).. *snerk*

And I considered Adair and Marc, given they're the most 'normal' of the group, really. Any other DW character would have been relatively close to their universe, but Daemon and Izel are too peculiar as you know but we can't discuss that here chyahaha to be thrown off-balance. But assuming they rationalized what was going on, even if suddenly chucked into a strange mixture like this.. it felt realistic that they'd stay calm. And also as out-of-the-way as possible. I'm sure as soon as the weather wasn't likely to kill them, they'll bolt. Social butterflies like they are :heart:

Thank you for the incredibly thoughtful comment, they always make my day ;-; And really, the time spent on this partially comes from inexperience - I'm pretty sure if I were more committed to art, I'd work faster and wouldn't end up needing the time I did for this. Alas such is not the case.

It was too easy to include Iris there, and she's cool enough that I wanted to include her. And Happy.. how could I not throw that loveable mutt into the mixture for everyone's entertainment (except Iris')? ♥

Mash away, just don't hurt your fingers or the keyboard! D8 <333333333333
Axolotl-mafia Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Yep, they've been in the room like a whole two minutes and already he homed in on the cookies and shenanigans are about to take mass effect ;). I like Izel, if I were Nim I'd be talking to him too :eyes: And I love seeing Nim in red, so pretty ; 3 ;. Thank you again so much, I enjoyed the sneak peek on your sketchpad =D. So much work put into this X__X can see that for sure and it’s just lovely.
Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'd love to see what shenanigans would ensure after this.. Ruga's too good at mayhem not to wonder what he might do here if he grew bored or otherwise felt like stirring something up.. :heart: :shifty:
Eeee, glad it works. Nim's shirt, I mean.. she was initially wearing a different colour in earlier versions. I'd hoped the red would suit her and also look festive (: (Her hair I realize now looks a little short.. oops!)
Axolotl-mafia Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Haha! Oh something for sure would happen xD. No worries about her hair xD. I showed a lot of people this painting they loved it :heart:
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