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And Then There Were Presents   - 2013 - by Absolute-Sero And Then There Were Presents   - 2013 - by Absolute-Sero
Unless somebody thinks for panel 5 this really NEEDS mature content, I'm leaving the filter off. >.<  Just barely toes the 14A line, IMO. Whatevs.

If I can think of a more clever title later, it may change. But there you go for now, first finished (sort-of) drawing in months! It's a step down from my original plan because, and I've said it before.. I am just rolled-over by my new job. I will likely return to PS and fix the transparency and a few other things but.. I am on a vacation right now, and submitting this on my laptop. I need time away from this picture now >_____>;;
edit::  got the transparency and tweaked a couple things, namely lineart-related; didn't want to get too carried away with edits so consider this done. ^^;

ANYWHO. Decided to go with some funnies this time and also have some cameos from others..

Panel 1:  my Nia and SADCAT's Chase. THOUGH -- this is not Nia from Dark's Watch, and it's not Chase from The Awakened. They are from the 'Ghost of Man' universe (you can peruse SADCAT's gallery for more info on some characters there), and the story? Nia is a slave, and slaves aren't exactly allowed to wash whenever. Though Chase himself is not.. uh.. master of hygiene, let's say. Perhaps an over-exaggerated reaction from Chase, unless Nia touched something particularly repulsive to Chasey-kins. (I wouldn't put it past her, personally.)

Panel 2:  diana-hnd's Charcoal and Garla!  This one kind-of drew itself. Now I'll say this about Garla.. from what I know of her, she's more brawn than brain, so I have a feeling she may have either had help getting that little 'gift' for Charc or it's from someone else. But she still seemed likely to get a hearty laugh at his expense, as she and her comrades are like family to Charc. 
Also I think her hair-ruffle may end up pushing Charcoal over because Garla doesn't strike me as gentle, I kind-of re-thought it long after the lineart was done.. but either way. That or Charc might get his hair pulled in the process. ^^;

Panel 3:  my Carmen Fairfield and Vivian St. Lawrence from Dark's Watch. This one also drew itself - Carmen and Viv being best friends bordering on sisterly in closeness, they can say, do, and give appropriate things to each other without any awkwardness.  Vivian would have been easily enraged by being given such a gift from anyone but a Fairfield, but coming from Carmen it's A-OK.   They both know nobody is going to get to see her in it. ;P

Panel 4:  the only gift here that is really 'good' as far as I see it [or at least enjoyed/wanted by both parties], there is Pinkgraphite's Marc and my Adair.  Both former government servants and partners (romantic and professional), they don't really have anything to give but each other, and the limited time they know they live by. They are more than smart enough to know to value one another, and having the time to spend together when every day holds risk.

Panel 5:   Cameron LeVeaux and Val Rivers, again from Dark's Watch. Doing what they do best and prefer to give to each other - attitude. The alcohol was just something they probably had, unless Val confiscated some of it to spare Cameron liver damage. Hurr hurr.   Cameron is from a French-speaking family, and while rusty (hahaha) he knows some, so Val frequently will speak in German, which he's fluent in thanks to his mother. Harder to counter for Cam due to not knowing WTF he said, exactly.  Nia and Jasmine get some amusement out of this, and think it's a game, but Val and Cam are equally likely to push one another into puddles whenever their families aren't watching.

Panel 6:  my Julien Caraceni and Dr. Lily "Danielle Rogers" Harper, from the RP universe Adair and Marc are from. If you watch me, you've seen Lily before, but because it amused the hell out of me, I needed to get an interaction with Julien and her here. Julien is someone she's known for years, and is one of the extremely few people she could call a friend.. and probably the nicest of those few people. Julien could get away with both surprising her and not immediately being clobbered simply as a result of knowing Lily as long and in the same manner.   They are not a couple, more like surrogate family due to having no other blood relations out there.
Lily's usually cold as ice, but acts of affection such as this can catch her enough by surprise that she needs a moment to process and another few moments to awkwardly respond. The woman is a genius but because she's turned away a lot of affection in her life, getting caught off-guard by acts of it can still produce some amusing speechless moments. >8D

OKAY I AM DONE WITH THIS FOR NOW.  A belated 'merry christmas' to all - I tried to get this done earlier in the last week, but.. it wasn't happening. And I was working on this at the airport, even. ^^;
Let's hope the beginning of next year I can be more productive..

Happy holidays guys! :holly: :heart:
Chase -- :iconsadcat:

Charcoal, Garla -- :icondiana-hnd:

Marc -- :iconpinkgraphite:

All other characters and all concepts related to Dark's Watch -- myself (Absolute-Sero)
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Mikkhos Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Marc and Adair are always adorable. They're so sweet. ;; Like some modern mutated (hah) version of Romeo and Juliet. Only there weren't families keeping them apart but their own demons. -sap-
I really need to draw them more. Sigh.

I must say... Lily's face. HEHEHE XD Julien is probably the only person who could get away with that. At least I think. Maybe Cas? But we see how things have been there lately. O.O
Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
-sappygrin-  Yes, that sounds about right <333  And that makes two of us, I hardly do anything now.. I have art, writing, video games - when I'm doing one of them, it's hard to balance the other two. ._.  -got some more games from home, lawl oh no-

Well Julien's not the only one who could get away with it, but he is more likely to be daring enough to do it. Lily's wonderful nature tends to keep people at bay/uninterested, but those who do try can usually get a few seconds before she processes it enough to realize "GFTO".  (Cas and Anja probably could but they are not so much into hugs, heh.)
diana-hnd Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Oh yays, the pic is done! Although, I was expecting one pic, not like, multiple like this. No wonder it took a while! OwO

Affection: You'd think with tattered clothes like that, Chase would appreciate the hug, if not for the direly needed warmth at least!

Inappropriate Gifts: BWAHAHA. I don't know what Charcoal got there, but whatever Garla's givin', it has got to be inappropriate for sure! Charc's got "oh gawd what is this i want to hide in a hole now" look all over his face! :XD:

Vaguely Inappropriate Gifts: Somehow the "EAT ME" gift doesn't seem all that inappropriate if it comes from CARMEN... *gets shot*

Time Together: Now that I have a better idea how these 2 guys are, it's (nicely) ironic that they are appreciate the best gift (time) despite their backgrounds.

Alcohol & Insults: But Val, how can an insult be truly appreciated if Cameron can't understand a lick of German? :meow: Then again, considering that alcohol's here, maybe it's for the best, or we'll see bottles flying!

More Affection: Dr Lily Rogers & Affection existing together? Is such a thing possible?! *gets shot multiple times*. It's still nice to see it when it happens, though! :3

It may have been downsized from the original plan, but still; Nice work on this! Still gets the Christmas spirit through (with inappropriate gifts or not!) :XD:

And yesssh you definitely need the break. Gogetzit, you deserve it.
Thank ye muchly for drawing Charcoal and Garla (and their very appropriate reactions with each other LOL). :XD:

Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I was a little unsure if I was straying OOC with Charc and Garla.. Hell, I shouldn't even have been sure in hindsight Garla would be much into giving presents. Other than good-luck punches. XD;;
I have no idea what exactly he got but I'm well aware Charcoal's skin is probably too dark to show a blush. It seemed like the only way to convey the 'hide-in-a-hole' sentiment (which it sounds like I got).

I will say about Julien, he somehow gives affection to Lily AND Adair (platonically of course on both sides) and the two just.. tolerate it somehow. He's too sweet a character to lash out at for it and knows when he can pull off a hug or two. X3

Thank you! It took more effort than I thought, though I saved some sanity by doing all those borders before I left. Wise choice, I'd never have finished if I'd thought to do 'em on the road. (Errr.. in the air/at the airport, lawl).
Someday I'll be able to do proper gifts, dangit! </3  For now, back at you, hope it's been a good holiday for you~
VanIsleKnight Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013
Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
SADCAT Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013  Professional Filmographer
Bwahahaha! I love it. Considering his current frustrations, that's a total Chase-y reaction. XD Inappropriate hugging must happen more often. *nodnod*
Merry Christmas/Happy New Year!
Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fffff, glad it's semi-accurate.. I must have been channeling a bit of Awakened!Chase as well?   And I'm sure Nia can oblige with inappropriate/unwanted hugs. Just give her chances. 83
Back atcha! (A bit late saying that but OH WELL, I have an excuse. >.>;; )
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