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Ablaze by Absolute-Sero Ablaze by Absolute-Sero
>>> Song this picture was based off of (go listen, it's a band from my island 8D): [link] <<<

Amazing what less than three years sees in the development of my art. I'm in horrified awe of the difference and the fact that I was even briefly happy with the original.

Remake of my old favourite "Ablaze", featuring original characters Lily Harper (sometimes known as Danielle) and Adair Katrinkov. The history between these two stretches back a fair bit, even if they've avoided one another as much as possible.. they're rather familiar with each other now.
Anywho. Blurb about this picture: many of the concepts I kept the same, but certain elements were changed not only to improve the overall look (ie. ANATOMY -facepalm-).. but to take into account that Lily and Adair's present relationship, in a sense. This still reflects more of how they knew each other - past tense- but better illustrates hints of their present characters..
They do tolerate each other much better now, though the rocky history makes any trusting relationship next to impossible to attain. :B

... I didn't draw knives this time just because I hate drawing guns. Knives were a better match to Adair's personality and methods - quick and silent, and given his skill with a bladed weapon, equally effective as a gunshot in close quarters.

Not all of the elements of this picture are cheap/looser because I am tired.. part of me really wanted to keep it a bit painterly, in the spirit of the old image :)
15-20 hours, done in SAI and CS2

Lily and Adair -- myself (*Absolute-Sero)
Mikkhos Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow. Just... wow. This is SO SO awesome. I really liked the first version, but this... it's amazing. C': I especially love Lily's hair/expression. It's really nice.
I love Adair. But I always do. c': He looks so very cold, that expression there. Omy.

I really like how you played up the background here too, still similar colours but there is definitely a difference of the time/location. It reminds me of the RP right now actually. c8
Really nice work, you did an awesome job. ♥♥
Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't like the first one anymore.. I was so happy to shuck it into scraps. Probably gonna store it entirely soon XD

The expressions I tweaked a bit.. I can't say I knew what I was aiming for with Adair, but if it comes across as cold, well. That works for me. 8B
You know I didn't even THINK about the RP while doing this >_______> I just.. kinda picked something generic.. -hangs head-
Glad (and honoured) you like it <333
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September 29, 2012
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