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A Trio of Vixens by Absolute-Sero A Trio of Vixens by Absolute-Sero
At long last, this is done.
From left-to-right, going down.. Carmen, Lily and Cali.

Why these three? It's been my plan for a long time to do something empowering featuring female OCs. It's very easy for girl OCs to become Mary Sues, debatably more so than male characters (but for space purposes I'm not about to write a big paragraph to rant about it).. so I wanted to have three different characters featured, each an individual in their own right. Powerful and beautiful, in varying shades, with different methods of play. All women whom you want to stay off of the bad side of.
(Following is more on each character if you're interested in knowing about them. :meow:

Carmen: Carmen is the younger daughter of Marcos Fairfield, 'rumored' in town to be a part of the mafia. (By 'rumored', it's meant that those who know also know not to start rumors about it.) Confident, domineering, and proud of her family name, she had no trouble establishing who the boss was among the student population of her schools. As could be expected of a popular teenage girl, she is fashionable and good-looking, interested in shopping, preening, and spoiling her close friend Vivian. Among her hobbies as well is picking on her twin brother, Adrian, and listening to and remembering every tidbit of gossip she can so that she can use it later if need arises. Carmen is fascinated and very much interested in the mafia lifestyle that her father is attempting to pull Adrian into, but barred from access due to her gender. She may not be part of the mob, but her reputation is a fearful one. It's no big surprise that men are too afraid of her to want anything to do with her, good looks or not. This is all on top of the fact that, as a Fairfield, Carmen was born into a demonic family, which gives her some well-hidden but very useful powers to use when she needs them..
Carmen is my character -- appearing in the upcoming graphic novel "Dark's Watch"

Lily: Lily - occasionally known instead as 'Danielle' or 'Dr. Rogers'- is something of an enigma, but what is known for sure about her is that she is a brilliant doctor and scientist, specializing in the study of the nervous system and formulas which can affect it. Where she came from she leaves up for question, but she worked a great deal in France.. on both willing subjects and unwilling, before a sudden departure from government work. Now she is what you might call 'freelance'. Lily is a calm, intelligent and quite often manipulative individual, even if not intentionally so. Her brilliance and talent for deception (seen in the times she's played both sides) has kept her out-of-harm's way, though not to say she hasn't also mastered the art of self-defense as well. (She's even poisoned needles and hairpins that are hidden on her person with deadly neurotoxins.) While she could, maybe, be a good person to go to if she cared to listen to you.. she is generally withdrawn and calculating, preferring to dive into working on some science-y project or stitching someone back together than conversing. Her indomitable nature, sharp mind and wit, and determination are good reasons to keep her on your side rather than against it. If you find yourself on her table, she can and will not hesitate to do worse things than kill you.. the perks of being a doctor being her capacity to keep people alive long enough to give that statement a whole new sense of truth.
Lily is my character -- appears in private roleplay sessions.

Cali: I can't say too much about Cali because she belongs to :iconpinkgraphite:!!
If you have questions about Cali, direct them to =Pinkgraphite. Though.. copied from a picture of Cali, in short::
" Cali is a bitch. Don't let those pretty blue eyes fool you."
... Needless to say, as a (gorgeous) government assassin, she fit this picture's theme perfectly :heart:
Time uncertain; 20-30 hours?
Paint Tool SAI used for most lines/colours; detailing, text, transparency in CS2

Artwork -- *Absolute-Sero. Sharing is fine, but please provide credit if you do c:
Mikkhos Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I LOVE how you drew Cali here! She looks so amazing. ;-; Her shirt is sooo cool. -wants-
They certainly are nothing close to Mary Sues, that's for sure.

Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awww, glad you like ♥ I want Cali's earrings. (I tried to mimic the ones she had in your painting of her but.. couldn't stick to them. -fail-)
And fffffuuu- yeahno. Just.. no. xD

No idea why when she's so nice to your characters. </3 .... And most of mine. >_>
Mikkhos Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love her earrings here. *-*

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