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4th Wall: Happy does tricks? by Absolute-Sero 4th Wall: Happy does tricks? by Absolute-Sero
Mika wins "parent of the year" award. ..Yeah right. (though in all fairness, as he shows at the bottom, he's pretty aware of Happy's intellect, and since Marise's hand will be just fine later.. it's "whatever" to him. She'll get over it/heal.)
In the second-last panel, either Marise is screeching in pain or in stunned silence from said pain. Your imagination can pick one of the two. :XD:

Inspired by Nine Facts about Happy. In which I read the following: 6. He only knows four commands; sit, bite, shake hands and run, but.... He gets these commands messed up. Meaning to say... if you tell him "shit", he'd sit. Say "shake hands" and he'll bite at the first thing he sees (most often, it'd be the hand of the unsuspecting person extending his or her hand to him). Other words like wait, play dead, stay, or anything that sounds like a command, he'll lift his paw to shake hands. Sometimes he'd lift his paw anyway, to anyone who looks at him, it makes him look cute. The worst is how to tell him to run. To the Comrades' horror, Happy runs when he hears the all-too-crude four-letter word that starts with "F". So when someone starts cursing loudly between the variety of that "F" word and "shit", you can see Happy running and sitting in simultaneous timing ...

Featured are Marise (long red hair), Mika (short auburn), Jenny (purple), Iris (red/black) and Happy the Stupid Dog.
Marise, for those who don't watch my scraps.. Marise is the teenaged daughter of Mika and Jenny. (Gaaaaasp! The scandal!) I wanted to colour her because her hair is an interesting shade and I'd never done it before. She's got an attitude worthy of a teenager, even though she's actually pretty quick-witted. Technically Mika and Jenny are 15+ years older here, but their lack of aging has a lot to do with what they are.

I'm so sorry ~diana-hnd for butchering Iris T_______T And Happy.

Iris and Happy -- ~diana-hnd
The rest -- myself (*Absolute-Sero)
diana-hnd Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh yays, we have Marise in the scene and ohmygawdHAPPY WHAT DID YOU DO LET GO LET GO -


I shouldn't be so amused with the CHOMP panel, but I am. :giggle: A perfect Happy moment! Also, Happy at the last panel, SQUEEEEEE. I don't know how you did, but you always make him so huggableeee-eeeeee! :heart:

Also, I'm liking Iris with her hair tied up like that. :D

Too bad Marise hates Happy's guts now. Because that stupid dog loves her a lot now.

Also, I don't think I dare to imagine how Marise intends to bite him back, given the chance. LOL.
Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What a first impression to make, huh?! :rofl:
The CHOMP panel was done in ridiculous chibi style juuust to laugh at more. Also you make Happy more huggable than I do. I botch him more often than not. </3

I'm.. not sure why I had Iris with her hair tied up O.o Maybe 'cuz I draw her a lot with her hair down and I wanted to try something different? I kinda imagine it'd be useful, I was tying back my hair plenty once it got fairly long.

I'm sure Marise can get over it. Eventually..>_>
And she probably means bite him back literally. What a sight that would be. @_@;
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December 16, 2012
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