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4th Wall - Fanservice by Absolute-Sero 4th Wall - Fanservice by Absolute-Sero
So.. upon realizing that both diana-hnd and I had both done fanservice, this kinda spawned all by itself.
I didn't really want to include the pictures since there was no good way to get them in without the comic looking.. off. I figured it would somewhat stand for itself though even if I didn't show the.. fanservice. Hee.

The pictures in question, by-the-by:

V'Day 2015? by Absolute-Sero

EA-LEC Weekly Prompt: Charcoal Fanservice by diana-hnd

Now I'm just gonna.. go. Get a headstart.

PS - Diana, I'm sorry this is so sketchy and people look derpy. I wanted to just get this up though and I wasn't getting anywhere by fussing over it. 8(  Also I varied a little bit just to make it work as a comic ;;
I also assumed Iris would at least be slightly amused.. >.> -shot-

Gotta post this in 4th Wall Comics later, but running short on time right now. Ack x_x;

Kira, Lilac - myself (Absolute-Sero)

Charcoal and Iris - :icondiana-hnd:
Mifmemo Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
omg, i thought this group was dead.
diana-hnd Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
BAHAHA, OMG you did eeeet! :rofl:

Iris's face-palm? Epicly epic, pffft! xDDDD Also, she is highly amused at this.

Also, "MY KIDNEYS" is a totally good remark when hit! 8D

I feel almost bad for Kira and Charcoal. Almost.

Iris: Aren't you glad that it only happened at nigh--
Charcoal: *plugs ears* NOT LISTENING, NOT LISTENING. DX
Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I couldn't resist, it just was TOO PERFECT.  Also yay, a lot of this was done during downtime at work so I didn't expect quality at all. XD

Lilac's probably exaggerating, the kidney's tend to be well-protected (and she's facing the wrong way).. but it fit! PFFT.

I almost feel bad too, but SO worth having them both mad at me. -runs away-

Kira: *elbows Charcoal* BE VERY GLAD, man. *facepalms some more*
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