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2010 summarization by Absolute-Sero 2010 summarization by Absolute-Sero
(May need to DOWNLOAD to fullview if screen is below 1000 px wide. <3)

I can immediately say.. best and worst year of my adult life so far. This year won't be forgotten.
Don't have to read below.. sorta a blurb of text to myself, but also sorta details what was going on when. xD

:bulletwhite: January:: ( [link] ) Started school. Speedpaints were the only thing I was really working on aside from sketches, which I did in spades.
:bulletgreen: February:: ( [link] ) More school. Generally quick works. Was trying out SAI more and more. This was actually kinda a rough time for me in one way - not related to school- but it worked out just fine in the end.
:bulletwhite:March:: ( [link] ) Same as Jan/February. School.
:bulletgreen: April:: ( [link] ) More school I was finishing up. Applied to a technical school around now, which I was very nervous about.
:bulletwhite: May:: ( [link] ) this was the best month of the year.. I spent a couple weeks in an amazing high. Was drawing a bit more. Ironically, I drew "Despair" right before things went to hell.
:bulletgreen: June:: ( [link] ) Very, very emotionally stressful month.. it's a blur in my memory despite some exciting good news too. Worked on art and other stuff to keep my mind off things, but only finished one painting that I owed as a (late) birthday present.
:bulletwhite: July:: ( [link] ) Was trying to pick up old works I'd always wanted to finish. Still uninspired. Same stress as through June. (This is pretty much a running theme of the summer to early fall.)
:bulletgreen: August:: ( [link] ) Trying to lift my spirits, started a comic prelude.. this would take up most of my art time for a few months, averaging about a page a week. I also was writing a LOT from here out with stuff I won't submit to DA. Found out I was amazingly accepted into the technical school I'd applied to.
:bulletwhite: September:: ( [link] ) More comic. Was working more often now so it was all I had time to squeeze in. Lots of writing.
:bulletgreen: October:: ( [link] ) More comic and work and some writing. Plus did a halloween picture because I love the holiday.
:bulletwhite: November:: ( [link] ) Finished comic. Also finished painting I'd spent months on.
:bulletgreen: December:: ( [link] ) Holidays and work and prepping to move out. Just recently fixed tablet pressure.

The summary? I haven't improved much.. though my lineart is more acceptable to me, and I've been putting effort into detailing my backgrounds more. Because of how high and low I've felt in one year, I don't think I'm going to be forgetting 2010 anytime soon.
Sadly, art probably will be scarce - attending full-time school and taking care of dorm life will be pretty dominant themes, even though my art tablet will be coming with me of course. Won't know until I get there.

BLANK MEME:: [link]

Art -- myself (genji-rose)
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miniassassin Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2010
All amazing works Good job in the highest degree. So lets say you have a +11 on your check, so on average you would earn anywhere from 6gp-15gp and 5sp a week in D&D good job.
Sanwall Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2010
I should do this sometime... We'll see :)
And the important thing is to keep drawing, even if it's not much. You sort of can't help but get better at it :D
Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It was actually kinda fun to dig up my old pictures, though I hesitated to do this meme personally. Maybe you shouuuuld do it ^^

My aim is definitely to keep drawing. :D Good thing about school, I found out upon purchasing my books.. I have to get an anatomy/physiology book for one of my courses. Sooooo, hopefully, I can use that to study muscle structure - which I think is a great weakness for me- better 8D
Sanwall Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2010
Oh, I have a book on anatomy, I should start checking it out...
Maybe I'll do this when I have time - if I don't forget :)
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