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Base by: Mistrel-Fox 

Name: Zayah (Zay-Ah)
Nickname: Zay
Mate: None
Gender: Female
Age: 1 Years 
Rank: Warrior/Hunter
Species: LionxSabortooth Hybrid
Size: 4.1 ft
Favorite Quote: "Better be strong, than pretty and useless."
Religion : Pagan 
Theme songs: Jenna Lotti - Ghosts (Barren gates remix), Barren gates - Devil, 2WEI - Survivor

Personality: Zayah can be very bold, stubborn, fearless, high-strung and brutal, usually to people whom she doesn't know or dislikes/hates. She's prideful and very serious, she isn't really the nice kind, but once you get to know her she can be very compassionate, loyal, and protective, she's very clever and likes to pick fights. She's usually very quiet but she's not afraid to speak her mind. She's very independent and prefers to be alone, but loves to have a chat here and there.

Appearance: Zayah has a smoky brown pelt, with fading leg markings and shoulder stripes along with 3 stripes on her head, she doesn't have a colored muzzle but has a stripe in the middle of her chin. She has long fangs but they don't meet all the way down or below her chin. She has long neck fur.

Powers and abilities: Due to her being a hybrid, she's very strong built and big, with a long tail and sharp fangs. She's very stealthy, she loves to use her Element of surprise to hunt, or fight. Due to her long tail she has amazing balance and she's able to make sharp turns. She's not very fast which is why she uses Element of surprise.

Favorite food: Buffalo, Seaweed, Rabbit, and Chicken

Extra: Zayah loves Thunderstorms and Chaos.
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Mistrel-Fox Digital Artist
Such a cool design!! Thanks for using my base :heart:
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Absintha-RavenHobbyist Digital Artist
Aaaa tyyy, your bases are just amazing! <33