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Why is it that people do not know the real meaning of love?
Love is when you look at a person with all of their strenghts, weaknesses, and realness..and still find a way to fully appreciate, respect, and want to help them. Unconditionally. You do not judge them; You don't put self-projected images onto them of who you think they are. They just simply ARE that person. You want them to be happy and you wish for them not to suffer. You try to create that for them as much as possible. The same way in which you wish for yourself.
Most people get love confused with attachment.
Attachment is when you make someone the source of your happiness. You realize mentally that this person gives you happy feelings- you cling to them, giving them power. They can make you happy, sad, confused- all depending upon how they treat you. You give them power over you, taking away the control that you have when they ultimately hurt you.
The source of your own happiness comes from within. You may think that attachment is okay..but that person or thing or place isn't the REAL source of your happiness. They just say, do, or make things that MAKE you happy. Happiness is ever going, while feelings come and go. No one thing or person can be the ultimate form of happy. This is why it's not a good idea to attach to them. You have to realize that even your favorite, person, place, and things are creating temporary highs for you. It's not permanent.

Love is not attachment.

I love all people and things on the basis that I wish for everyone to be happy, and for no one to suffer. I wish that the world would just fully consume itself in love, and all the happiness that surrounds it. All I want is peace and harmony.
And I try and live my life with this feeling every day.

But then the devil comes along. The bad qualities in people shine through and I can't help but think to myself.. How did love become so selfish?
How can someone say they love another turn around and say bad things, do bad things, cheat, manipulate, and lie? How can you have this wonderful feeling of love.. and undermine it by your own selfishness? Do you even know what it is to love someone?
Who treated you so wrong that all your hope,'s all demolished. Aren't you in turn becoming that person you hate?
When do you take back control of your life? When do you stop blaming your actions on past assholes and really start to learn to love? I mean REALLY love? Not just attach yourself from person to person depending on how long they can make you happy?
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  • Listening to: Rise Against
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