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in the now
The only place to live is within this very momemt. The only thing I want to feel is the air within my chest. Here, you cannot hurt me. Here, I am a silent mind not plagued with your torment. Here you cannot judge me for my actions, you cannot fault me for my flaws, and you cannot make me feel your hurt. Here I am the happiest I can be.
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Cherry Bomb
You've got your cherry bomb
Don't you ever
You know how to break a heart
Don't you
You know how to work me
The way you want
But chains of steel couldn't tie me down
You've got your cherry bomb
Don't you ever
Your words are leaking the truth
Aren't they
The game you play is losing it's pieces
The hand you hold
Will walk away.
You've got me hanging
Don't you ever
Dangle that rope, a holding cell.
You've got me laughing
Oh don't you ever
Because chains of steel couldn't
hold me down.
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You know me not.
Don't frame me sideways to talk of a mess.
Don't hold me a flame to watch burn in the night.
Don't call me and angel when you mean nightmare from above.
Don't call me of frantic, I wasn't too much to handle.
Don't judge my sympathy, I'm a soft one at heart.
Don't tell me you know me and forget all the bad.
You know me not.
You know me not.
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Tell Me What It's Like
Tell me what it's like, darling, to get what you deserve. Sometimes you need to know that someone's paying for your hurt. Sometimes you need to feel all the anger and the words, to get back the heart that was once shattered in the dirt.
Tell me how it feels when I'm the best you'll ever have. To know I'm giving someone else the love you wanted back. The love that meant nothing when you held it in your hands. Can you break your pain down for me so I can better understand?
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I dont want to like you anymore.
I dont want to miss you anymore.
I dont want this heart to skip a beat, fall unto my knees for you anymore.
I dont want to love anymore.
I dont want to feel anymore.
I dont want to wish that you were here, standing in my doorway, hold my breath when you're beside me anymore.
I dont want to see you anymore.
I dont want to stare anymore.
I dont want to hide, not tell you how I feel, wish I could be with you anymore.
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Maybe Some day
And maybe some day you'll want me to be that kind of girl.
And maybe some day it'll be you with your heart on the floor.
And maybe one night I'll call you to meet me at my door.
But tonight's not that time. And I don't want to hurt anymore.
And maybe some day you'll be hanging onto every word that I say.
And maybe some day you'll beg me to like you the same way.
Maybe some day you'll want me like you've never wanted anyone before.
But tonight's not that time. And I don't want to hurt anymore.
Would it hurt you so bad to admit that you feel the same way about me like one day you will?
And would it kill you to make me the happiest girl? To let me know that you want me and are in it for the kill?
And maybe some day you'll feel the absence of your words.
And maybe some day you'll wish those words I could have heard.
And maybe some day you'll realize you want things to be more.
But tonight's not that time. And I don't want to hurt anymore.
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All this hell
I'm never gonna forget you, you're too far inside my head. You torment me with your beauty. I wish I had you in my arms instead. And the truth is that you know it, yet still nothing has been done. I don't know if you enjoy it, or if there's maybe more to come.
You are my beautiful heartbreak, and it's a pain I know so well. I can't say that no one warned me, but you're really worth all of this hell.
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The One that Got Away
I dont want to see you, and we dont have to talk. I miss you being here, it's much harder than I thought. I'd love to hear you voice or know you'll be okay. But it's good to hear you're doing fine-the one that got away.The times we shared together Replay over in my head. Hearing someone say your name makes me smile with no regret. And knowing that I needed you when all you did was run away, I just wanted to let you know I'm doing fine- the one that got away. I know I'll never get over you because you've been in my heart for years and me knowing that I loved you was my one and only fear. And whenever I was with you I thought they were all bad times we had. But all I remember now are the good and not the sad. That's why I'm glad to hear you're doing fine, just know you're always on my mind. My little perfect waste of time. The one that got away.
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Little Girl
Dry your eyes, little girl
no one cares about your tears
Save your words, little girl
No one cares about your fears
Hide your soul, little girl
No one cares about your dreams
Hide your face, little girl
That way no one cares to see.
Look at the floor, little girl
So no one looks you in the eyes
For youre not worthy, little girl
No matter how hard you try
Run away from them, little girl
For all your secrets may they find
Tell the truth, little girl
And they will tell you that you lie.
Sell your soul, little girl
They care not where your heart lies
Dont lay in peace, little girl
They will wake you in your mind.
'Til you sleep, little girl
You will always have hard time
So hide your happiness, little girl
They can't steal it if it's inside.
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Can't I?
Cant I just lay with you forever? Cant I just stay in your arms? Cant I just rest my head on your shoulders? I just want this to never end. Cant I just hold your hand in mine? Cant I just just tell you how I feel? I never want this to go away.
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You're not listening
When I'm sitting in silence When its nothing you hear When I show through my eyes I can't stand it here, You're not listening.
When I'm mad over frustration and you don't hear what I say When everythings put on me and that's the only way, You're not listening.
Your spiteful words hurt, but your silence kills. When I'm your cheap shot of filling better when you're down, You're not listening.
When it breaks my heart to think that you would hurt me in any way, When you know you can't take things back because it's already too late, You're not listening.
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Remember Me?
Every breath I take of you, every hand I am to hold, I think why couldn't you love me? Every star upon the sky, every whisper in the wind, I think why couldn't you hear me? With every turn of your head, every sight you've ever seen, I think why couldn't you see me? And every day that passes by, every minute you're passing through, I'm thinking hopefully you'll remember me.
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Hard Love
It's hard love, yes
The kind that will make you break
It's hard love, yes
When bad news is all you take
And it's hard love, yes
When you can't go without them each day
It's the true love, yes
Is the only reason we stay.
It's hard love, yes
But it's love all the same.
It's hard love, yes
When they make you go insane.
It's hard love, too
When tears explain the others mistakes
It's the true love, yes
Is the only reason we stay.
Through the fighting, through the tears
Through the smiles and the fears
It's the only love Love that makes sense.
Hard Love.
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These Shades
These shades will hide everything
They hide my eyes from the truth.
They tell me I'll be okay
That I can hide my eyes from you.
Because with my lips I speak
But through my eyes I show
The pain and the hurt
Something you don't care to know.
These shades will hide everything
of me seeing the real you.
It holds me in denial
of my friendship you abuse.
Who wants to see their life go-
Their happiness melt away?
So i sit behind these glasses
And tell myself I'll be okay.
These shades will hide everything
That i'm pretending not to notice.
They can block my eyes from the sun
or as I see it, the unspoken truth.
So I'll live behind these shades
with the truth of how you betray.
knowing each and every day
Is a lie you can't retrace.
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Ghost Town
this place is a ghost town
its so dark and all i can see are your frightening eyes
you dont want to go
and i dont want to force you
all we can do is sit here and wonder why this ever happened
i loved you
god i loved you
but how can we keep doing this
ive poured my hear out and all ive figured out is that i cant ever trust anyone
and by anyone i mean myself
i've done this to us
to the both of us
and now i dont know how to make it right
i want you to leave me
to tell me that i was never good enough and walk out the door
it's what i deserve
and you deserve better
so why cant you leave me
all i've ever done was hurt you
its not something new
i just thought maybe this time i'd change
but i'm not a good person
and i know that youd never let me down
just know i never meant to hurt you
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I love you
Remember them all
Everytime I say it
It's a piece of me,
I give to you
I see all you are
And you're beauiful
You're worth it all
My time
My patiance
My energy
I'd give it all
All the inside ways
Things no one knows
Only us
Our private communication
In plain sight
Like the penciled bats in heaven
You're a star in my mind
And the angel on my shoulder
These are all the things that remind me of you
You're all around me
Everywhere I go
In everything I see
You're forever in my heart
Forever in my mind
And I'll love you
Until the end
:icondeaths-lament:Deaths-Lament 19 3
Building A Wall
This is me
Laying a foundation
With tools you forged.
This is me
Putting down a row
With bricks you made.
This is me
Cementing the row
With mortar you mixed.
This is me
Adding row after row
Watching it get taller.
This is me
Wishing you'd tear it down
Instead of helping it grow.
:iconrandomactofmuse2:RandomActofMuse2 1 2
Broken Free
Don't tell me
What to do
I don't care
What you think.
Don't tell me
The rules
They're meant
To be broken.
Don't tell me
I'm wrong
I know
I'm right.
So what if
I'm different.
I'm not
A molded figure.
I'm different,
Of the
Everything is meant
To change.
Nothing is
The normal
Exists to be broken.
:iconphantomflamz:phantomflamz 59 46
i have some confessions for you
firstly when i promised not to cry if you left me
i didn’t think it was a promise i’d have to keep
and when i told you i never drank before noon
i meant i don’t without a good reason
oh and it was me who stuck the duct tape to your chest hair
when you passed out drunk at that party -
and i almost pissed myself laughing
as i watched you slowly pull each piece off
so as you might have guessed
my next confession is this -
i never was as nice as you thought
and so these  could be tears of joy
        not tears of regret
lastly - i never did like your eyes, smile or laugh that much
      i just pretended i did to make myself feel better
and maybe it was too early to have gotten the tequila out
        but since you don’t care anymore - why  should i?
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