The Backbone of Team Rocket

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Warning: Severe violence and torture occurs! Blood is described!

A ghost watches from afar, thankful for the recent events…

Harper shoved Giovanni to the ground. They stood in the cafeteria. The struggle Giovanni had been putting up grabbed the attention of the other members in the room. Dozens of people suddenly stood from their seats and curiously watched.

“Anybody else tired of this piece of garbage?” Harper snarled. “He just tried to get me and the others to kill Sam and Allec, guys. How’s that make you feel?”

“Traitors!” Giovanni snarled, but some of the Rockets gathered around angrily. Hungry, even.

“I think our friend deserves a bit of revenge.” A gruff rocket with scars littering his face snarled as he cleared the room effortlessly as people made way for him. It was clear he had been experimented on by the black veins on his left arm and the claws that protruded from his hand. “Now, how would he handle you? Ah. Just like this.” He grabbed Giovanni by the collar before landing a punch on his left cheekbone and then swiftly slammed him into a nearby wall. Giovanni let out a yelp on impact. “That’s for Prince. Think that’s good enough, guys? Cause I don’t.”

“I don’t think that’s good enough at all, Hoss.” Someone in the back of the group responded.

“Well, don’t let me have all the fun. Hey Dragos. How do you feel about him f***ing with your head?”

“You know what? You hit harder than I can. Give him a smooch for Ren and his family, would ya?” Dragos responded with a grin.

“You hear that, Boss? He wants me to give you kisses. I think I can do better than that.”

“You all forget I rescued half of you. Crow was one of them.” Giovanni managed to groan.

“That won’t help you here. Prince already told all of us what you were originally planning for him and his brother. What you made Alex do.”

"He was very busy, informing us about what you've been doing and what you have done before he was killed. We know everything. That includes the torture you inflicted on him. We saw the scars and broken bones. You can’t deny that.”

“Hey, I’ve got an idea.” Harper spoke up. He took a knife from one of the tables. “How long does that s*** stay in the bloodstream, again, Boss? Forever, right?”

Chuckles and giggles filled the room.

As Harper cut his own palm, the scarred man held an arm against Giovanni’s throat, causing him to squirm a little. As the blood rushed out of his hand, Harper approached them and cupped his bleeding hand against Giovanni’s mouth.

“Why don’t you hear these voices, too, for once?” Harper growled as Giovanni struggled harder with a grimace of pain and muffled cry. “Doesn’t feel so good, does it?! Enough to drive anybody insane!”

As Harper backed off, Giovanni coughed and took a shaky deep breath through his nose before spitting at him. Harper responded with a growl and a swift punch to the face.

Two gunshots in the back of the room caught everyone’s attention and the angry team turned to look toward the sound. A spiky, blue-haired man with piercing, snake-like blue eyes held a pistol up to the ceiling. His outfit gave him away as a Team Galactic member. A familiar face accompanied him.

“What are you doing here, traitor?” One of the Rockets hissed at the familiar face.

“Cyrus asked me to accompany him to talk with Giovanni. Seems you guys have had some conflict since I last stood in this room. Good on you.” Desmond responded with impassiveness. “The wretch deserves what’s come to him.”

“Do me a favor and put a bullet in that one beside you.” Giovanni snarled.

“Sure.” Cyrus responded coldly before turning his pistol toward the crowd beside him and shot without even looking. The bullet hit one of the Rockets in the middle in the throat, causing blood to gush out. The Rocket slowly sank to the floor.

The crowd of Rockets angrily stepped toward Cyrus, but he sent a poke ball toward them and a large, blue Pokémon with glowing, red eyes came out with a deafening roar. It nearly hit the tall ceiling with its elongated head.

“Dialga…” Some of the Rockets whimpered while the entire crowd backed away slowly.

“So. Mind if you leave your boss and I for a chat?” Cyrus asked without changing his facial expression.

The crowd walked away hesitantly. As they were nearly reached the hall, Cyrus spoke.

“Oh. If you try beating up on your boss again while you’re working with Team Galactic, I will make an example of you.” He told them in a low growl.

In response to a request from my bestie!
© 2020 Absel123
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