Lost In This Moment

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Another party in the league. We hadn't had one since the beginning of our journey in Kanto. Almost everyone was there.
I surprisingly could spot Nick and I could see Luciano too.
Goliath said he could see the guys he'd spent time with on that sunny day as well. He seemed a little nervous today. I figured because of all the people.
This time I took the risk of bringing Sparks. As for Cinder, Boltnut, and Cracker, why not? Didn't I owe them? I also brought Polka and Aqua as well as Flower. Buttercup wouldn't have been able to fit in here even if she wanted to be around so many people.
Goliath had said he didn't dare let Guillotine, his Pinsir, and Stripes out, but he did let Sandy join the fun.
Lance didn't dare let Boltz come out because of Boltnut and Sparks being here. Instead, he called out Slash.

Goliath and I decided that it was a great time to work on our relationship since we rarely had the time between training and my gym battles.
"I'll leave you kids alone. Behave. I'll be back in a few minutes." Lance said over the roar of the music, then called Slash over and walked off.
Goliath and I looked at each other and I knew he was thinking the same thing I was: 'why in the world did he just leave us by ourselves? That's not normal for a parent.'.
We sat down.
"So..." He began awkwardly. "What's your favorite color?" He asked.
"That is the evilest question in the world. Why do people ask it? Anyway, it'd probably be tied between green and red. What's yours?" I responded.
"It's the weirdest thing. The color of your eyes." He answered.
I had to laugh. That was the corniest thing I'd ever heard come out of his mouth.
He blushed and avoided my eyes, but then laughed with me, a nervous, but honest laugh.
"What's your favorite Pokemon?" I asked, able to catch my senses now.
"Used to be Houndour and Houndoom, but ever since... you know, I've never come close to them. My favorite now would probably have to my good pal Buggy." He said. "You?" He asked.
"That used to be my favorite too. Until I found myself caring for a Pichu and Cyndaquil. They're tied." I answered.
Suddenly, that song he'd been singing to me the night Cinder'd been stolen by those Rockets, came on.
Goliath smiled as he stood up and held out a hand.
"Dance?" He asked.
I nodded, even though I doubted I'd ever be able to dance very well, and took his hand.
We walked out to the dance floor where the numerous other couples were dancing as well.
Goliath was really gentle; almost afraid to touch me. He pulled me close to him and led me in a slow, small, four-stepped dance.
"I want to ask you something, but I don't want you to blow up on me." He said in my ear.
I looked up at him, giving all my attention to him.
He looked out into the distance where the DJ was and gave a tiny nod of the head, then looked at me again.
The song changed to Lost in This Moment by Big and Rich.
Goliath let go and backed up a foot away.
Everyone around us stopped to watch curiously as Goliath took a small black box from his pocket. I suddenly became dumbfounded.
He got down on one knee and looked up to me. I could hear gasps in the distance.
"Keesha Lupe, I have always loved you since the first time I laid eyes on you. It only takes the touch of your hand to make my heart go crazy. It only takes your kiss to make me loose my breath. I couldn't imagine life without you." He said, then opened the box as a few people "awed". I gasped.
"Keesha, Will you do me the honor of being my bride?" He asked. His eyes pleaded. I could tell he was fighting back a racing heart and rapid breathing by the way he took deep, shallow breaths.
"I-I don't know." I managed to find my voice.
He waited patiently for me to decide.
"I don't know what to say..." I said truthfully.
He got up. 
"Say yes." He suggested.
I could feel every eye on me now.
I hesitated. Then I decided that I wouldn't be able to say no even if I wanted to.
"Yes." I said. The feeling of the word on my tongue felt so right, so I repeated it.
His smile lit up like a Christmas tree in December.
"Yes! Yes I will!" I exclaimed. 
The roar of happy people rose to ring my ear drums.
Goliath took me in his arms, all his nervousness vanishing, and kissed me. I allowed him to slowly slip that little diamond ring onto my finger.
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