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Warning: Violence and possible deaths occur. Blood is mentioned.

"Giovanni." Prince started as he held a Pokégear to his ear.

He and Harper came back pretty quickly and in a rush.

"Yes, I know. We have bigger problems right now, sir. Dragos was arrested and the cops are everywhere around here. You know I'm on the Dead or Alive list." He continued.

I looked at the city, hoping Dragos was okay. And then I noticed someone on the ground.

"Sam!" I cried as I recognized him and ran to him.

"Is he going to be okay?" Ty asked as he followed me.

"He's fine. Couldn't have him slowing us down." Prince responded. He was no longer talking to Giovanni. "I didn't hit him hard enough to cause anything major. Just enough to knock him out for a few hours." He assured. "Giovanni wants us to retreat to headquarters for now. We should go. Now." He called Hydreigon out and mounted it.

I stared at Sam, hoping Prince was right. Ty ran off to Harper's Dragonite.

"Let's go, Allec. We can't stay here. Cops are looking for us." Prince demanded and I sighed and set Red Rose's poké ball in front of Sam. Maybe he'll take her now. "Allec!"

"I'm coming! You know he's my best friend, so shut up!" I barked at him as I turned toward him.

He looked at me with surprise all over his face as I walked over to him and mounted on Hydreigon.

Hydreigon flew up, high into the sky as soon as Prince patted its middle head.

"Allec... I..." Prince started as we started toward Johto. "I'm sorry. For not being very empathetic towards you and Sam." He told me. "My best friend died a long time ago. I haven't been the same since."

"Your brother?" I asked.

"Nah... I was pretty torn up about that, but, I was already struggling before. My best friend was my trainer." He responded. "He left this Hydreigon to me when he died."

Something suddenly whirled passed us and Hydreigon screeched as it struggled to catch its balance.

"You guys alright over there?" Harper asked from behind us.

"Yeah. We're alright!" Prince responded. "For now... that was a d***ed bullet." He muttered as he looked down.

Another bullet whirled passed and I thought Hydreigon was going to fall out of the sky.

"Hang in there, Hydreigon..." Prince told it before petting its middle neck.

Something sounded like something hit Hydreigon and it immediately started to fall with a screech.

"Hydreigon!" Prince cried and I held on to him as tightly as I could as I heard Ty call out for me.

"Laika! Catch them!" I heard a vaguely familiar voice and a Charizard grabbed Prince and I.

Hydreigon plummeted to the ground in the same horrible way Zog had.

The Charizard slowly lowered us to the ground and a Pokémon Ranger approached us as she released us.

Prince was in tears.

"Prince Crow, you're under arrest." She stated as two cops joined her.

He held his hands out cooperatively and I finally recognized the Ranger.

It was the girl that talked to Sam before he got stabbed in the back and was sent to the hospital. I think Sam said her name was Keesha.

One of the cops started toward Prince and he suddenly changed his attitude and quickly kicked Keesha and the cop's feet out from underneath them and punched the other cop quickly.

"Run, Allec." He told me.

"But..." I started.

"I'll catch up. Just go." Prince responded. He chuckled a little. "I can't leave Hydreigon like this. I'm sorry about your Swellow. I understand now. And Karma's a bi***."

I turned and ran as quickly as I could and I heard a gunshot. I looked back and saw Prince's shoulder bleeding. He slowly plummeted to the ground.

I sent out Wendy and mounted her. I would've ridden Delilah, but she hadn't been returned to me yet.

Wendy bolted in a dead run the moment I was on.

"Come back, safe, Prince..." I murmured.
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