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Getting Drunk and Unexpected Consequences
It had all begun as a normal day for their group. They had met in their favourite café, discussed, learned, made fun of each other and tried very hard not to do anything that might result in any of their usual craziness. They would never be able to tell how the events of that fateful evening started, but Courfeyrac and Joly maintained that it had been Grantaire’s fault.
In a way it started as usual; Grantaire had been late and walked in with a cup of Starbucks coffee, which had prompted Enjolras to start one of his rants about corporate businesses (and why they really shouldn’t go to Starbucks). Grantaire, in his usual habit of trying to rile up Enjolras as much as possible, had probably gone a bit too far, which resulted in a shouting match between the two of them that in turn made the waitress telling them to shut up. But somehow that had only lead to Enjolras beginning to turn on her and after she had begun to cry they had been thrown out of the café.
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Their Little Angel
For Combeferre and Joly children had never been a great topic.  They both wanted to have at least one at some point and it had never been a point of discussion between them whether they would adopt or have it by means of a surrogate mother. Both of them had listened when Feuilly had talked about his experiences with the foster system and it had left them with one possible way.
They had waited some time before even attempting an adoption. It was not like their marriage, that they had gone through with quite soon after their graduation. They waited until their lives were stable and they had proper jobs and schedules.
It had been a long time since Combeferre had seen his husband as nervous as on the morning of the day they would bring their daughter home. Combeferre was an early riser, but he could hear Joly already bustling around in the kitchen when he woke up. Combeferre smiled and got up. It wasn't entirely unexpected and he was fairly sure that he would be able to calm his husba
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It Happens To The Best Of Us
Joly really hadn’t expected for Combeferre to come home with ripped jeans and blood actually still trickling down his forearm. He jumped up from where he had been sitting on the couch and took Combeferre’s bag from him to guide him to the bathroom. He wasn’t even aware of muttering “oh my god” until he had pushed his boyfriend down to sit on the toilet and Combeferre had put a hand on his shoulder.
“It’s okay, Joly. Breathe. I won’t die.” Combeferre’s eyes were steady on his and he nodded slowly.
“Yeah, I know.” Joly took a deep breath and willed himself to calm down. “I’m afraid you’ll have to get rid of those jeans so I can have a proper look at your knee,” he said, turning around to get the first aid kit. There was a rustle of fabric as Combeferre let his pants drop to the floor, and Joly braced himself before he turned back towards him.
Joly frowned worriedly when he saw the wound
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Silent Communication Part 2
It was a very long time before Athelstan and Ragnar met again, and when they did the Viking king did not recognise him at first.
The quiet monk Ragnar knew did not only look more like a Viking now, his whole bearing was like one of them. It was obvious that he was the leader of the men Lagertha had sent, but at the same time he had an easy way with them that was rooted in camaraderie rather than authority. He was respectful when he talked to Ragnar, but the king could also see that he was not afraid to stand his ground if he had to. He wore the axe on his hip as if he was used to it and the way he stepped off the ship spoke of the many times he had done it before. No, the man coming with the ships from Kattegat was not the one Ragnar had brought with him from Northumbria; he wasn’t even the man he had freed when he had left his first wife. This man was someone Ragnar only knew the name of.
Athelstan was nothing if not polite when he delivered Lagertha's greetings to her former hu
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Silent Communication Part 1
When Ragnar had left her, Athelstan had stayed with Lagertha. He told himself that it had nothing to do with Ragnar trying to sacrifice him at Uppsala, but he knew he was lying to himself. In reality it was very much part of his decision. While being aware that he was technically still a slave in Ragnar’s household, Athelstan had trusted the man, just to find that the Viking dragged him off to have him sacrificed at the first opportunity. Lagertha had told him later that she had asked her husband to tell him about the fate he had planned for Athelstan, but Ragnar had always had his own head.

But all of that was still only part of the story. After all, Athelstan should probably have expected it. He was still a slave and there was nothing he could do about his master’s wishes. What had weighed in much more had been Gyda’s death. Losing her had hit them both, Lagertha, being her mother, even more th
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Grantaire Has No Secret Talent (Except He Does)
The first time it happened Enjolras was merely surprised. He knew that Grantaire was not as untalented as he always said, he knew how intelligent the cynic was, he knew how well he could draw. But he had no idea how many hidden talents he actually possessed.  
It was ridiculous, really, the way he found out, just as the actual talent was kind of ridiculous. It was a warm summer evening and they were on their way back to the house they spent their holidays in, a nice building in Trouville-sur-Mer that belonged to Enjolras’ parents. They had decided to spend their summer somewhere abroad, a chance Enjolras and his friends had immediately seized. They had been out that evening for a drink or two, in one of the bars by the river, and had chosen to walk along the esplanade. Enjolras could see Grantaire laughing where he was walking beside Feuilly at the front of the group, before their friend stopped from one moment to the other just to get in a handstand and walk on his hands. H
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Paint Your Head in The Colours of The Rainbow
When Enjolras walked into the backroom of the Musain that evening it was sufficient to end all conversations. He simply raised an eyebrow at his friends, who were gathered around the tables, as he walked over to his usual place next to Combeferre. He had just picked up his drink and was about to start talking to his best friend when Bahorel spoke up from the other end of the room.
“What the fuck have you done with you hair?”
“I dyed it,” Enjolras replied matter-of-factly, “Now can we move on and start with the meeting?”
"Why did you dye your hair?” Feuilly wanted to know.
“For the protest on the weekend.”
“You died your hair in the colours of the gay pride flag for a protest.”
Enjolras raised an eyebrow. He didn’t see the problem; it had been a spontaneous idea, yes, but he had thought about it before going through with it, and he had decided that it would be good to make a point. He honestly cou
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My Musings While Watching You Sleep

I rarely get more than four or five hours of sleep these days. When I get home from work there’s more work waiting for me and when I get to sleep there’s barely enough time to get the sleep I’d need to be rested. I feel exhausted most of the time, but when I wake up in the morning, lips dry and breath stale, my hair a mess, and see you still sleeping peacefully next to me, then I remember that every minute of it is worth it. The mess of black curls on your head sticking out from beneath the sheets is the only thing that makes me want to get out of bed and stay in there at the same time.
A lot of people accuse me of being too engrossed in my work, of not knowing when to stop or how to wind down, but that’s not entirely true. I know very well how to have fun, and how to relax. After all, I’m not a machine, but a human being. But I have to work this much. I have to deprive myself of sleep, because I have a dream, and to achieve
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Believing In You - Enjolras
There’s silence between us and it feels weird. It’s not that I’m not used to you being silent, you are often enough, it’s the sort of silence. I’m used to you sitting there, waiting and listening. I’m used to you contemplating me, or absentmindedly sketching. But I’m not used to this. This, this feels different, more significant. As if you want to tell me something and I don’t get it.
I guess I should start at the beginning; talk about how we met, but you know that already, don’t you? I have this feeling that there is no moment since then that you can’t remember. But I don’t think I ever told you my version of it. I never told you how I saw your eyes for the first time and forgot how to breathe for a split second. I never told you how you fascinated me from the first moment, but disgusted me at the same time (I’m pretty sure the disgust is all you could see back then).
I still don’t get how someone like you c
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Believing In You - Grantaire

There’s silence between us and it feels glorious. I really can’t help myself you know? Just being in your presence makes my life a bit better. I had nothing to believe in until I met you. And now…now I have you. If you acknowledge my presence it’s because I agitate you; if you acknowledge my presence it’s because I just told you once again that your activism won’t get you anywhere. Yeah, I know, I’m broken and cynic and I drink too much. I know I should shut up, but you’re just so fucking beautiful when you’re angry.  
I’m rambling again, ain’t I?
But to be honest, I don’t care. I don’t fucking care, as long as you’re close. You’re goddamn Apollo come down to earth; a god among mortals. I empty my drink and get the next one. You tried to make me believe in the beginning and it was almost cute. But you soon understood that I’m a lost cause. You can’t help
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Winter fruit by AbschaumNo1 Winter fruit :iconabschaumno1:AbschaumNo1 1 0 Crocus by AbschaumNo1 Crocus :iconabschaumno1:AbschaumNo1 5 2
The world is frozen
dead leaves crunching beneath my feet.
The world is frozen,
just like the tears on my cheeks.
It’s been a long time since I saw the sun.
All I see these days are clouds,
hanging darkly in the sky,
like depressing portions of candyfloss.
And a world that tries to imitate the sky,
dirty snow on sleeping trees and dead leaves
and ice on the ponds.
It’s here in these forlorn surroundings
that I want to spend my last days.
The forest has long become familiar,
no more surprises hiding behind the trees,
and the coldness doesn’t hurt anymore.
In the beginning it stung,
like a thousand wasps,
but since then I have become numb
and pain troubles me no more.
I feel that the end is near;
not long and my life will cease to be.
Until then I will spend my time
with dead trees and frozen water.
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Spring is coming by AbschaumNo1 Spring is coming :iconabschaumno1:AbschaumNo1 5 4
The Story of Thorin Hobbitshield
His name was Thorin Hobbitshield. He wasn’t your average dwarf; no, not at all. He was the descendant of a line of kings and if there hadn’t been the attack of the dragon Smaug he would have lived a comfortable life and eventually he would have become King under the mountain.
But fate hadn’t been so kind and instead of living as a prince in Erebor, he had been forced to wander with his people, take jobs wherever he found them, and in the end lead them.
But all of that wasn’t what made Thorin so extraordinary. What was truly remarkable about him was the event that had earned him his name.
It was in a big battle, things stood badly, the dwarves were about to be driven back and utterly defeated when Thorin’s hour came. He had seen his grandfather die; beheaded by Azog, the Pale Orc, leader of the orcs they were fighting. Thorin was struck with grief and blinded by rage, and blindly he charged towards Azog. His first attack was no match for the Pale Orc and he
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Messenger of Spring by AbschaumNo1 Messenger of Spring :iconabschaumno1:AbschaumNo1 12 16


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Hello everyone,
I hope you all had a nice Christmas and a good start into the new year.
It's almost 2 am now and I feel like looking back at last year...

So loking at what I did in 2012 there wasn't as much as I would have liked to do. I started the year with my Abitur, that I finally got in March. I went to Leipzig book fair, but didn't cosplay what I planned, because Deutsche Bahn did that thing where my whole connection changed because a train was late, which meant I spent my whole night on the train. I also went on a spontaneous trip to Hanami at Ludwigshafen and cosplayed Bruce Banner, cosplayed Syo from Uta no Prince-sama (and never got round to have more photos than the few I have) at Dokomi and spent most of my time between finishing school and starting to study doing nothing. I also attended Frankfurt book fair where I cosplayed Luce from Katekyo Hitman Reborn! and the Yokai form of Rikuo from Nurarihyon no Mago (I have photos of both but haven't really checked for ones to upload...). I really wrote less than I hoped to. In fact it took me until April to find my muse and even then I worked awfully slow.

Going to university came a bit unexpected, because I originally wanted to become a bookseller, but thanks to my mother I applied to the University of Luxembourg's English programme and was accepted and now I'm quite happy that I did that. I met great people, like the awesome SweetLittleVampire and I enjoy my studies. But it is only a one year programme and I will hopefully continue my studies in Great Britain from the next winter term on. But well, first I'll have to get through the ones in Luxembourg...

And on to 2013

So what will come this year? Of course I don't know the future, but there are some things I can already tell you...
Cosplaywise I'm not doing much this year. I currently have three cosplays on my list that I said I would do, among them Twilight Sparkle from My little Pony: Friendship is Magic (of which I still have to start the third season). Also there are some things on my list that I would love to do, but will most likely not do, because they are rather expensive and I want to save up money for when I move out. Also the situation here is not the best one... I think I'm the last one left here of my friends who cosplay? And doing a new cosplay already means that I have to use all of the money I get to buy materials so I don't really have the money to go anywhere on top of that... But anyways... I still hope that I can do something...

Writingwise there are still requests to fill for the Christmas thing. Also I currently have a Q/Tanner thing in the works (did I mention that I love Skyfall? It made my top three Bond films as soon as I had seen it) and there's one part for my FrostIron-series that I definitely need to write. And maybe I'll find my muse for original fiction and poetry again?

Also I hope I'll manage to pick up photography again... I kinda miss just walking around and taking photos. The last time I did that was before I got my camera I think, which was almost two years ago and I got better at both using my camera and editing the pictures. I won't promise anything in that aream but I'll try and see what comes of it.

Anyways, I promised to get to taht Q/Tanner thing so I'll do that now and then I'll try to get to the Christmas requests, because I'm not sure I'll sleep tonight, due to me being totally awake right now.

Happy New Year to all of you!


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