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My little Trauma | MLP rewritten song by AbsborTheCat, literature

Maerchen|Wenn der Sand 10 schlaegt by AbsborTheCat, literature

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Welcome pixels small

To yet another simple place in the galaxy!

More than often I upload shitposts.

Sometimes even great things are uploaded here.

Stay tuned to see what those might be~

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Difficult decision

Stay strong Ukraine

Stop Putin! by AbsborTheCat, visual art

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Hi, I'm Absbor.

Surprise, surprise, I don't like surprises at all! Some of you might call it already a hate thing, but I can't call it like this, as I have no idea how hating feels like. So please don't draw me surprise gifts, as they make me feel literally sick. I've seen my OCs and sonas drawn wrong too many times, and I cannot handle it anymore. This include sarcasm. Thank you for understanding.

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Detective Conan and Digimon
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Fall Out Boy; Imagine Dragons; AJR
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Pokemon; SSB; Mario Kart
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Pokemon Showdown; Nintendo; PokeHeroes
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Pencil & eraser, filler with royal blue and a ink killer. Mouse; Desktop Pen. Camera Fujifilm X-T100; Mobile.


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i've been waiting for 2 days for an article or an answer to appear. i get that the time zones exist and we have different awaking hours or that they are at the beginning of their puberty. but it's not ok to scream at your coworker "you're stealing my job" because I did the mistake of taking into consideration that they might not be able to reach the deadline(due to previous mistakes), they only work on their article on the same day as the deadline leaving all weird grammars in without checkin over it (they're native english - I'm not + the native english editor has no idea either), sometimes sends pass deadline, leave me anxious whether or not they might make it or not... but since we're understaffed i can't fire them. i don't think I'm either allowed to pay them less, since in order to get the minimum payment you need to send a well made article... in real world... i wonder if my journal office would've been gone already. Most likely, since I was the only writer by some times. i
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I'm gonna note good and negatives aspect of the games fer me. Feel free ta skip mah rant bout the past that has to come. NO SPOILERS PLEASE! I wanna go through it mah own! note: trailers feedbacks are also put inside Positive - open world - cat starter - school story - different kinds of stories - i can skip useless battles by just sending my pokémon - the pokédex looks pretty - you can walk with ya mons - you can have multiple pokémon outside - i can deactivate automatic saving - but the graphics don't look so bad generally - i can talk with everything - cute idea to give new students Pokémon (but why rare ones?) - the switch in your room is the same one you're playing with - the phone and menu looks pretty - open world - change camera fahrten - new spoder with 8 legs - home is a teleportation spot - always got running (just not at home) - you know where pokémon are on the map - shinies are easier ta find - hidden iteams are easy ta find - cute and fitting themes - smol options of
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german youtuber: talks briefly about furries and their crush on animals. me: normies(non furries) crush on animals too. personally I prefer to stay away from zoophiles. random commenter with a wolf profile picture: and why is that so? the formulation sounds like they were asking me why I'm staying away from zoophiles. zoophiles are basically people wanting to have sex with animals, have sex with animals or having the thought of feral animals having sex (with other animals or with humans) is sexy. I hopefully don't need ta explain while I personally think it's disgusting, right? i got too many shiny pokémon. where the fuck is my promised combee?? i tried to proudly tell my brother that I already caught a shiny pokémon before reaching a pokémon center but his response was just "i haven't played the game yet". A shiny Pawmi btw with the name "Sweater*" lol. my brother switched a light switch and it temporarily flashbanged my whole room white. "wtf" was my only response. nvm, it's
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Thanks for the fave :-D

lgshuijger uh no absorb the comish cost was just 1pt (you already paid) and the gift portion (once i finish) is free! YEEEEEE.

i know. it's just a tip ; -)

00000000000000000000000ooo thank u

Hi Absbor, it's been a while.

I just came here to tell you I finished exams, finally, I had the first nine days ago and the last one today. Some nights were hard for me to sleep, but I am finally here, willing to draw, and little by little going back to the pace I was used to. Only one exam was bad out of the five subjects, but everything else went fine luckily.

I will started with a Small-Sized Persp., and then three normal DIN A4 drawings. That's all Absbor, thanks a lot for your support. You've helped me being proud of thinking on innocent things. :D

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