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They Have A Few Things To . . . Work Out

They're working out, alright. They's gettin' all kinds a' sweaty!
Drawing two ponies .... interacting dynamically in that last panel gave me some trouble. I've not really drawn this kind of thing before! :blush: Wait, should I put a "Mature" tag on this?

Got some inks put on my submission for :iconmlp-atg-alumni:'s week 195 theme: A Pony exercising / Working out
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:icontwilightunsureplz::iconsays3plz:I understand the lobsters, but... why do the competitors have to be tied together?
:iconpinkiepiehighplz::iconsays3plz:You understand the lobsters? Pfft! Coo-coo!
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Yeah Twilight, how can you hope to put yourself into the mind of a decapod? To truly UNDERSTAND the lobsters, you must BE a lobster.
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I hope my weapon of choice will not make you think of me as a lobster person.
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I have nothing but respect for most Lobstersons, or the Lobsteople in general.
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Everything went better than expected.
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Yes. I think it can safely be said that we're all the winners in this situation.
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Oh please, Rarity's not even in this comic!
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*looks down at pipe* What the hell have I been smoking?!
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:iconfluttershyisshyplz::iconsaysplz: "um, smoking is very bad for you..."
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:iconchaosdrgon::iconsaysplz: "I know, but I'm a dragon and it's allergy season. If I don't take these inhalants, then I'll have smoke pouring out of me all day."
AJ! Dash! Where is your traditional lobster-battle war paint? Are you just going to have this lobster battle improperly? The nerve!
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You make a good point.
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That will be pretty ouchie when the lobsters pinch their... Oh wait, I forgot they are ponies.
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Yeah, they don't even have pouches! That's kangaroos.
Sometimes you're so silly.
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Indeed I am. Ha ha. Sometimes I just don't know what went wrong.
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Lol, I was thinking something else but that was very funny.
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I honestly don't see what else you could have been expecting.

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I didn't even think Lobster Combat was a thing...
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I could understand that kind of thing coming from some kind of foreign national living abroad, but to hear it from a red-blooded American?
Progress has clearly gone too far!
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"Wait, should I put a "Mature" tag on this? "

so the mindset thing was intentional ...
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What? Kids shouldn't be exposed to this kind of violence.
I could say how I wish I would've come up with this meme, but that would be shellfish of me.
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